web design for wordpressAs of now, WordPress has been an influential CMS (Content Management System) that enables users to manage the website content in a hassle-free manner. The majority of the enterprises and bloggers around the globe prefer WordPress over other alternatives.

WordPress is proving its worth year after year with its surprising and ease-of-use features. People are going for the WordPress platform for blogging purposes.

And one thing is sure, when we are relying so much on the WordPress platform, we wouldn’t wish our blogs to get compromised by some kind of hacking attempts. Agree?  It really seems like a nightmare to us.

Why security is a major concern in WordPress?

 What if all the blogs you published recently gets hacked overnight and your users get redirected to some irrelevant site? It is unimaginable. It might happen because you are missing out something or probably doing something wrong that hackers are able to peep into your website and use your blogs for some other malicious activities.

In recent times, we have encountered major data attacks, including Ransomware and WordPress platform is no different. Even WordPress has gone through major security hacks a few times back. Not aware of it?

 Let’s take a glance at the recent WordPress data attacks.

  1. TimThumb: Unlike its innocent name, TimThumb is a strong security breach script that has managed to compromise data of millions of WordPress sites. It comes in the form of an ordinary photo-resizing tool usually used by the majority of plugin developers. So, the hacker enters the malicious code in the user’s website and carries out DDoS attacks and even spear-phishing data campaigns that eventually make the user website unresponsive. And in the past two years, this attack has really brought a major loss to many businesses.
  2.  WordPress.org Hack: The major WordPress plugins, including WPtouch and W3 Total Cache, were altered by some unauthorized party. So, on whichever blog these plugins were installed got hacked, and hackers could use this for malicious activities.

Here’s the solution- Keep your WordPress plugins and themes up-to-date

Above instances are clear shreds of evidence that we simply can’t prevent our websites from getting hacked, make a careless mistake, and you are welcoming hackers to fetch your confidential data and ruin your years of hard work in a moment.

However, you can limit and monitor the risks that have a scope to affect your website. Wondering what’s the real problem you must be aware of? Well, usually people aren’t habitual to update their plugins and themes regularly.

Still not convinced and want more evidence why you must update the plugins and themes of your WordPress website regularly? Below is a dropdown that has enough reasons to convince you:

Security factors

 Being an open-source platform, WordPress enables developers to create plugins and themes that can be easily integrated with the software.  And when the source code is made accessible to the public, it gives an open invitation to the hackers to carry out data attacks.

To overcome this, WordPress comes with regular security and bug updates. These updates not only includes security updates but with numerous rich functionalities that can help you in better user experience.

Here are a few new features that recently came along WordPress 4.9 are:

  • Enhanced theme installation
  • Fresh gallery widget
  • Draft and revise posts along with scheduling
  • Supports text widgets

Rapid Speed

 New updates often accompany better speed results for your website. Being a crucial thing in SEO and page loading time, high speed of your website can help you in reducing the bounce rates and targeting potential customers easily. So, this will even help in better ranking over the search engines and offer better conversion rates for your website.

Staying on the safer side!

Remember, whenever you are up with any kind of updates, make sure that take proper and complete data backups in advance. The reason being, in any case, the upgrade doesn’t implement correctly on the website, you have website backups and check which theme or plugin is incompatible with your website. So, I would recommend you to check the plugins and theme compatibility beforehand so that you don’t have to suffer in the future.

Moreover, when you select a plugin or theme, ensure you are going over some trusted source that has a reputable history and strong past records. This will help you in avoiding compatibility issues in the coming time.

Wrap Up

All in all, updating your WordPress site might be a challenging task for the beginners as leaving the site to update for a longer time will directly give a chance to data threats and even end up in compatibility problems. But once you have successfully updated your WordPress site, you can rely on your website that will be secure from hackers and malicious activities, data security, you’ll experience no downtimes, get accurate results, and of course, you’ll get an update that has a wide range of exciting functionalities.

Author Bio: Liza Kosh is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on topics covering upcoming technology and market trends. She is currently associated with Seasia Infotech  a  Custom WordPress  Development Company based in the USA.