wordpressAre you thinking about creating a WordPress landing page? With the help of a well-designed landing page, you will be able to work upon marketing campaigns which can help you get more traffic to your page. And with unique and engaging designs, the traffic will get converted more often in a higher percentage. 


So, with competition getting higher, you must get yourself an effective WordPress website which can assist you to remain ahead in the game. If you are still confused, you have landed yourself on the right page as we will help you with the steps which you need to follow to create a conversion-driven WordPress website. Read along.

Landing Page: Getting Started


A landing page is a web page that is being designed to boost business sales and get the conversion rates higher. It is a page that is developed with a purpose to get the users attracted to your services and products. Yes, it will grab the attention and help your audience knows about the services you provide and take the sales higher. So, whether it’s selling a specific product or getting more subscriptions, getting a landing page can certainly be a great choice to have. 


For businesses around the world, landing pages has now become a very important part of their marketing procedure. It not only helps them with higher traffic but helps them get their traffic converted at a higher ratio which can help their business get ahead of rivals. 


How WordPress Landing Page Can Benefit You


With the help of the landing page, you will be able to create different types of marketing campaigns like email, paid marketing, social media marketing, and more. This will certainly help you drive more attention to your page. This will enhance the chances of you getting your conversions higher and help you get your revenue better in a quick period.


The primary objective of the landing page has always been to help your website traffic get converted to a higher percentage. For this, you need to have your landing page developed in a very engaging and attractive manner to keep the audience hooked. You will need expert assistance to design and structurize the page properly with different CTA elements in the form of signup forms, buy button, media button and more. This will keep the audience browse your products for a longer time and help you with higher sales. 


Creating a Landing Page in WordPress Step-by-Step


Well, if you are considering to use a plugin for a WordPress landing page, it will become a lot easier to have your page developed. It doesn’t matter whether you are a wordpress developer or not, you will be able to create highly effective conversion-driven WordPress website on your own and get your traffic boosted with conversion in no time. 


You will find several WordPress plugins for a landing page on the market but you must research well before choosing for your needs. Not all will give you the same quality of service. So, it is important to your research well and check the plugins and its attributes which perfectly fit your needs and go ahead with it. This will help you move in the right direction without having to waste any time with the wrong plugins. 


So, to make it even easier for you, we will help you with a complete guide where you will be able to learn how to develop a WordPress landing page for better conversions step by step, take a look:


Step 1: Installing the Plugin

  • Firstly you need to research well and purchase the plugin from its website. After that, you can get it downloaded to your device and get the license key copied. 
  • After this, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and then initiate ahead by getting the plugin installed. After you get it installed, make sure to get it activated for further needs. 
  • You need to paste the license keys by moving on to Page builder in the settings tab. You will find a button stating enter the respective license keys for a plugin that you need to get installed. Get the keys entered as copied earlier from your account.
  • After this, you will be able to notice, the Active status of plugin Updates and Support subscription which means that you followed the right steps to get the plugin configured without any kind of hassle. 
  • After this, you will also be to see the plugin added to your menu on the dashboard. If you are not able to see, then you just need to refresh once and you will find the plugin their right away. 


So, these are the steps that you need to follow when it comes to getting the plugin installed. If everything goes right, you are ready to move ahead to work upon your first landing page. 

Step 2: Developing a Landing Page

As you have got your plugin installed and configured, now you are fully ready to get your first landing page created. All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • At first, you need to go to Pages and select And New button available on your dashboard. This will help you create a page as per your specific needs and requirements. After pressing this button you will be able to acknowledge the default WordPress page template and that too with plugin tab just at the top of the post editor. 
  • After clicking on the respective page, you will be asked to name it first. After this, you need to click on the plugin tab to open its interface.
  • Next, you need to imply some themes to make changes to your page. You will get options from the Page Attributes segment which is located just at the right side before you click on the tab. As per your business needs, you can get your theme implemented. 
  • Now, you need to open the plugin interface where you will be able to see page builder attributes on the right-hand side and blank space on the left-hand side. You will see attributes like Modules, Templates, Row and more on the right-hand side where page builder attributes are present. You can get the attributes you require dragged to your page and initiate with editing. 
  • You can also go for the templates option as it will help you with professional design for your landing page needs and that too without much of customization stress. You just need to click on the Templates tab and there will be a wide range of designs available in front of you to choose from. You can select as per your specific needs and the plugin will get the templates loaded as a preview to help you decide with complete clarity.
  • After you have chosen the perfect template for your page, you get it customized as per your content needs. 


Step 3: Getting It customized


When it is about customizing the template of your landing page, it is very easy. You will be able to make the changes to every element of your page by drag and drop feature. Take a look:

  • If you desire to make change the text style and color, you can do it with ease. From changing alignment to the overall font, you do it all as per your business service needs and requirements. Not only this, but you can also make the changes to the background images and color in the template as per your custom needs. You can adjust the dimensions and make the template look perfect as per your specifications.
  • If you feel there is anything blocking modules and rows which is not that necessary to your landing page then you can get it deleted just by clicking on the cross icon. Not only this, you can have a duplicate block, module and row just by pressing the duplicate icon and you will have it right away.
  • You can also easily add new rows with ease to your template landing page. For this, you need to clock on the Add icon and after that your press the Done button is located at the top-right side. After this, you go to the Rows tab and get it dragged to the place you want to have on your respective template.
  • You can also do the same for modules as you can go to the Modules tab and have it dragged to your template with ease. After this, you can have the content added to your module and get it customized as per your specific needs and requirements. 
  • After you have got this completed, you just need to press on the Done button which is located at the top right side. After this, you can save the page as a draft or even you get it live and published online. After the page gets published, you will be able to visit your website acknowledging it an action. If you have any further changes to be made, you can always do it with ease anytime from the dashboard itself.

So, in this way you can have your WordPress landing designed and customized as per the specific needs of your business. Not only is it easy but also very effective to help your business get ahead in the race.


Monitoring Its Performance For Excellent Results


Now you have your landing page published, you can initiate ahead with your marketing campaigns to get in more traffic so that you can get the conversions you are looking for. You just need to work on getting the traffic towards your page and the landing will make sure to help a maximum of it turn into conversions. 


But, you must keep on checking with the performance of your landing page as it can help you make better strategies. There are several online tools which help one with complete details of their landing page visitors and their response on going through the different sections of your website. You just need to get the best Google Analytics plugin for your landing page as it helps you monitor all the traffic results with ease. 


After you get this tool installed, they will automatically assess your landing page and help you with a detailed report card. In WordPress dashboard, you will get your landing page report card. It is very easy to understand and you will be able to design your strategy accordingly. 


You can go to Insights and then click on Reports as it will help you check the detailed report of your page right from your dashboard. At first, you will find an overview report and then you can go through all the other analyses of your landing page by pressing on the given tabs and links right at the top of the overview report. Below mentioned are few of the data types you will be able to acknowledge going through the report take a look:

  • Button and link click analysis: You will be able to get the report of which buttons and links are getting the maximum clicks. 
  • Best landing pages: You can check which are the sites that are getting the most hits on your landing page.
  • Forms Report: You will also be able to check which forms are grabbing the maximum submissions and impressions.
  • Search Console Analysis: It will allow you to check with the keywords used to come to your landing page.


You will also be able to keep track of advanced metrics in the form of eCommerce transactions, downloads, specific dimensions and more with the help of the respective Google analytics plugin. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found this article useful in understanding how you can give your business an edge over the others in such tough competition with the help of the WordPress website design. All you need to do is to choose the right plugin and follow the above-mentioned steps. There is no doubt you will have a very engaging landing page for your products and it will help you with enhanced conversion rates.