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WordPress is currently one of the most widely used CMS systems in the world and it is therefore quite natural that there will be a high demand for state of the art WordPress theme development services. While it is true that you should hire WordPress developers in order to make sure that your site has the perfect looks and functions, you should still strive to develop some basic knowledge about WordPress theme development so that you have greater control over the appearance and functioning of your website. For starters, you will need to have some basic understanding of PHP and web designing that you can use to create a theme for your WordPress blog or site.

Although finding themes for WordPress in the online world is easy, most people try to create their own themes as it offers a stamp of uniqueness and distinct identity. Unlike the themes that are available online which can be used by anyone, the custom themes that are developed by you allows you to express your own individual creativity. You can use your own images to create themes with Photoshop and then convert them for being used in WordPress. So here are some things that you need to known once you have decided to opt for WordPress theme development.

The WordPress Directory / Folder Structure

WordPress comes with a directory / folder structure that you should first look into. Once you do, you will find contents such as plugins and themes within the /wp-content/ folder. The sub directory known as themes will be the place where the theme that you create is going to get stored. Hence the first thing that you need to do is to create a brand new folder within it. You can name it in any way you like, for instance My_New_Theme is a good enough name. Looking at the theme activation screen of your WordPress Admin section, you will find the option for setting your My_New_Theme as the theme for your WordPress blog. However, you will need to create a theme first before activating it or it will only show a bunch of error messages. Once you have done so, WordPress is going to read out the whole /wp-content/themes/ directory, thereby offering all the themes/folders that are found within the folder as your options for the new WordPress theme.

Splash Images or Screenshots

Creating splash images or screenshots of your themes is an easy way to handle all of your themes as it allows you to easily detect the themes when you are working with them. While some people prefer to create the screenshots at the start of their theme integration process, there are others who would want to do it at the end. There are even those who would want to do away with the process wholly even though it offers highly convenient ways of working. Nevertheless, you should still learn about the ways of creating them. While wondering about which particular theme would be ideal for a WordPress blog, you may browse through all the available themes that present themselves in nice splash images with their names under them. The splash images present a nice picture of the theme along with its name. You can easily create an image by using your graphics program. Alternately, you can also work with a screenshot as well. Save the image in the /wp-content/themes/My_New_Theme folder so that you can use it again later. You can see your image visible as you refresh your WordPress theme activation page in the Admin section.

Creating a stylesheet

The next thing that you will need to do is to come up with the stylesheet. The WordPress stylesheets are quite similar to the regular stylesheets. You will be required to come up with a header for your CSS stylesheet that will contain all vital information related to your theme like its author, name and version info. This information helps to provide details regarding your theme to the back end of WordPress Admin section. You will need to come up with such information if you want them to accompany the splash image that you are working with. If you are not sure about how to proceed with this step, you can always hire WordPress developers to help you with this aspect of WordPress theme development.

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