With a new comes new trends and 2019 is no different. The web design industry is ever-changing with new trends cropping up everywhere. If you have visited different websites lately, you must have realised that some stuck out due to the different desirable features that are incorporated. Whether these features are great or terrible, it is true to say that websites need to have exceptional user experience and be creative. Here are some trends in 2019 that you should might have already seen and followed.

1. A Rise in One-Page Designs

There are two types of websites; one-page and multi-page. Traditionally, web developers used to build websites by putting every topic on a separate page. However, the way people read the web has changed tremendously, which has necessitated developers to cut down content to the minimum with the aim of improving conversion rates. Since most users prefer to browse the web on their mobile devices, the use of a one-page design will make scrolling easier for them.


2. Mobile First

In 2019, the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 5.07 billion. With the mobile phone becoming more and more popular for entertainment and information, it is very important for web developers to create more optimal and seamless platforms. Mobile-friendly platforms are going to be a trend that is likely to dominate our future. It is for this reason that any person with a website should consider making it mobile-friendly if they want to keep up with the pace.


3. Drop Shadows and Depth

The use of shadows is not new in this industry. However, there have been exciting variations in the recent past. You are bound to see parallax layouts and grids that web designers are using when playing with shadows. This is helping them come up with depth and an illusion of taking the world beyond the screen. Shadowplay brings a versatile look that increases the aesthetics of the website. They also improve the user experience due to the increased emphasis. This is a trend that is going to stick this year.


4. Desirable Colour Schemes

Although the minimalistic look took over the industry the past few years, there are expectations of the trend expanding into something better and brighter. 2019 comes with more vibrant colours and eccentric themes that go beyond the norm. Developers are embracing supersaturation and vibrancy. This is fun, memorable and bound to make a great impression. Expect gorgeous pastels and shiny, neon colours in many websites.

5. The Birth and Increase of WebVR

Although we are not yet there, 2019 shows baby steps when it comes to WebVR. Web developers are going to come up with new ways of adding novelty experiences in the websites. There will be some websites that are creative enough to bring together web, mobile gaming, apps and experiences bound to incorporate new ideas.

Already, there have been some developers who have started moving to WebVR. They are taking advantage of the fact that it makes the user’s experience friendlier as they only need a headset. There is no need of installing software. WebVR works for different platforms once it has been made for one. This is a good thing given the fast progression of the VR hardware.


6. Enhanced Online Support

There is nothing more important than staying connected to your users. Nowadays, there are chatbots for that purpose. These computer programs engage in conversations with your users using tests or auditory methods, which help keep a website’s contact point 24/7 without the need for a 24-hour customer support staff. The chatbots can answer simple questions and even direct users to information and important pages. Since more consumers are becoming comfortable with the idea of chatbots, you can expect virtually all websites to have them installed.


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7. More Pervasive Animations and Interactions

The web should not be static as people enjoy both sounds and sights. A web page is supposed to allow more than just printing words. There should be some interactivity and motion as users also like interacting with the information. A sliding page will create more awareness and grasp the users’ attention. However, web developers should not overdo it as this could make animations turn beautiful experiences to overwhelming ones.


This is true especially for people with cognitive disabilities or those sensitive to motion. The trend of interactions and animation is, however, expected to manifest especially for those who have not embraced it yet. When done the right way, animations can divert the user’s attention to the intended content at the right moment. The two looked forward to animation patterns are page transitions and scrolling rate.


8. Designs With Gradients

Instagram changed their logo to the current magenta gradient, and people loved it. Although it was different from their style, they took the leap and used modernised gradients. The results impacted the design, which has now become very popular. Expect to see the same in more websites as developers are embracing gradients now more than ever. Modern gradients bring a bright and desirable change to a website and since people are visual; your site is bound to get more traffic.


9. Increased Importance of Push Notifications

One of the best ways you can implement push notifications in your WordPress is by the use of OneSignal plugin. Push notifications are becoming very popular, and that is the reason more websites are making use of them in their designs. They offer a way for sites to let users know when there is new content available without the need for checking their email or having to browse the specific website.


When you activate push notifications for mobile devices, they can act as a good passive engagement tool as they will help you increase traffic without the hassle of outreaching your users. This is definitely a trend you should expect to see this year from those who have not embraced it yet.


With the way technology is evolving, you should expect to see these trends and many more as web developers take their sites to higher levels in an attempt to connect with more people in a refined way. These developers also understand that it is prudent to be aware of the trends and stay ahead of everything.


Author Bio

Yazi Jepson is a creative content writer who has worked with brands and businesses from all over the world. She researches and writes for Ethical Design Co., a sustainable graphic design agency in Melbourne, Australia.