Website conversions to your most desired goal is not talked about as much as website traffic and yet – I think it is highly important although sometimes more difficult for WordPress based sites. In this post I want to present couple plugins that allow you to present custom content based on which page, category, post your visitor is viewing using couple widgets.

website conversions

Formula to getting more leads, customers is fairly simple and hasn’t changed since the web invented:

  • Properly designed and optimized site
  • Quality content that provides answers or solutions to your targeted niche
  • Quality traffic through whatever sources you choose to implement
  • Conversion of resulting visitors into repeat visitors / leads / customers

That s it! I don’t believe there is any need to overly complicate the process but getting it right is extremely important for success of your site or blog. Now, lets assume you got the first 3 parts of the equation right and concentrate on the last one – WordPress website conversions of visitors into subscriber and / or customers using a very simple strategy – presenting RELEVANT offers while they are viewing your blog.

Ingenuity of WordPress community is quite incredible and always provides solutions to whatever problem you might have. While there are some “paid” options I will not be discussing them here. Today I want to share couple different plugins that are absolutely free and while differ in how they do it – essentially give you couple excellent choices to present custom content based on page your visitor is viewing!

Advanced Text Widget

Advanced text widgets provides you with quite extensive options to display content: text, html, shortcodes,Β  php and javascript and present it based on different content: posts, pages, categories and allows you to exclude specific content.

While officially it has support only to WordPress 2.8, we have it successfully running on latest version of WordPress 3.0.4 in multi-site configuration. Just be sure to activate widget on each individual blog and not network and for security reasons you might want to edit code and remove PHP execution.


While I didn’t show all the options, what you see above is an exclusion of specific settings I wanted.

Dynamic Widgets

This plugin takes a different approach and allows you to actually control which widgets displayed on what pages. Here is an official quote of some of its capabilities, read the official page for more:

Dynamic Widgets gives you full control on which pages your widgets will appear. It lets you dynamicly place the widgets on WordPress pages by setting conditional rules with just a few mouse clicks by role, dates, language (WPML), for the homepage, single posts, pages, authors, categories, archives, error page, search page and custom post types.

In a nutshell – it lets you create a custom set of widgets for different pages. While I haven’t tried to combine it with first plugin mentioned in this post – it can open quite a bit of possibilities, if you don’t mind dealing with added complexity of multiple widgets on different pages or even different variations of same widget shown on different pages.


Whatever option you decide to implement – placing a proper offer on designated page can be a HUGE boost in your WordPress based website conversions.