While it might seems like I’m neglecting my blog – its not. After releasing beta of my product Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed to a testers group I have received such a great feedback on improving it and fixing some small issues –I’ve been hard at work.

The goal is to produce a package that will truly be accessible to anyone – no matter the technical knowledge or marketing experience. While there might not be much from marketing perspective for the people doing Internet Marketing for a while – simplicity of setup and ability to quickly setup a network of profitable blogs using my system still will be appreciated by many.

And without going too deep into my work I wanted to share some posts that has got my attention and are well worth spending a few minutes to read them!

  • 3 Ways of Differentiating Your Blog by Ankesh Kothari is a great posts that discusses a few simple steps any blogger can use to make his or her blog to truly stand out. And here is the best part – you get the chance to make YOUR blog famous by commenting and leaving a link.
  • How to Use MySpace to Build a Blogging Aufience by Darren Rowse at problogger.net outlines some detailed strategy to maximize free traffic using a very popular Social Site. While there are many posts covering this topic – I found some very good tips and recommend you visit for a quick read – Don’t You Need Some Free Targeted Traffic?
  • Simple Tagging For WordPress comes to us from WordPress Plugin Competition Blog and an announcement of brand new plugin that supposedly greatly improves on idea of UTW and is definitely a good resource for someone looking for more tagging options.
  • Do One Thing And Do It Very Well by Davind Ledoux. Want to learn the secret to riches? Here is your chance! Perhaps you can tell I’m one of the fans of David and many of his posts are a true golden nuggets 🙂
  • And last but not least comes from Heather. She has tagged me for the What’s Your Best Blogging Tip Meme and while I’m not taking part in entire meme, here is my contribution:
    • Blog about something you know and something you love!

And going back to the top paragraph – a separate post with Beta testers comments on my system and their opinions will be coming shortly. I have no intentions to edit anything and you will get the first person perspective of what to expect.

To anyone who volunteered for beta Group and wasn’t picked – Subscribe to my Announcement List, get FREE report but most importantly – I promise you a great deal, that will be available ONLY to my subscribers that read my mailing and open it 🙂