I read many blogs on daily bases via RSS feed in my Google reader and some articles or combinations of them become the base for my next blog post while others help me identify an issue I can build my tutorial on.

Uniqueness of Content is the most crucial part of you blog and while all great blogs have it present I have just finished reading a great post that can be used as direct example how to turn a story from your life into content directly related to your niche.

I’m talking about latest post by Darren Rowse “9 Lessons You Can Learn about Blogging By Watching Me Sell My House”. While the concept is not new – I was amazed how well he managed to turn the story of selling his house into a bloggin lessons.

Highly recommend you visit his post and give it a read. You would be surprised how many ideas will begin to pop into your head fro your next topic on your own [tag-tec]blog[/tag-tec].

Heck I’m already starting to think how to turn my kitchen renovation project into a lesson on making your WordPress more efficient!

… Just kidding but you can see what I’m talking about 🙂