This week was filled with quite a few things that impacted both Internet and also Offline world we live in. I will share a few posts that captured my own attention and pushed me into action as I felt compelled to take a stand, even as it seem unpopular under current US administration.

No worries – this is not political post, although it will include an opinion!

  • The 10-Point Ethics Checklist by my personal favorite copy writing guru Michel Fortin I think contains it all when it comes to marketing on Internet. I guess we can easily call it 10 commandments of marketing! Loved It!
  • How To Create A $12 Visitor Value? this is a bonus offer from a fellow blogger Andy Beard and I think it contains something so unique that if you are in a mood to buy PLF2, you need to check it out. BTW, I get nothing from publishing it except satisfaction of spreading something I think will help you.
  • Stop it, Washington,before it’s too late! by Clayton Makepeace is a both informational and call to action. As personal raised with conservative values and one who lived through totalitarian regime it pains me to see what is done to country I come to call my home. Time to wake up is now – history repeats itself and if you don’t believe me – read the history of Russia and Germany.

This should keep you busy! Enjoy your weekend!