website conversionsA vast majority of the urban population in many countries around the world spend significant time indoor thanks to their digital presence and a larger portion of this time is spent on mobile. According to the latest report by ComScore 69 % of digital media time spent by users on mobile apps. In sharp contrast, desktop occupies less than one-third of the total digital media time spent by the users. This clearly shows that the users and customers of the future will be more active on mobile than elsewhere.

If you are having a business app this is the time to ask how much sales you generate through the mobile engagement of your users. After all, a mobile app is supposed to work as the most serious sales channel.

Let us explain some of the key on-screen marketing tactics that mobile apps should embrace for boosting business conversion.

Optimise Mobile SEO

We all are aware of the mobile-first index of Google which has been created to give priority to mobile optimised websites in the search engine ranks. As most web users access websites through mobile devices, it is essential to optimise the website, particularly for mobile users. This is why Google ranks contents from mobile-optimised sites higher in search rank.

It is advisable to check the mobile-friendliness of your website through a comprehensive tool. The mobile testing tool for Google in this respect works excellent. The tool offers you a comprehensive list of shortcomings and required fixes you need to address to optimise the website for mobile viewers.

Boost The Website Speed

The loading speed for a website is a crucial determinant factor for performance. Speed matters since most users decide to leave a website that takes more than two or three seconds to load.

There’s one golden rule of improving mobile conversion rates, it’s that speed matters – a lot! In addition to Google’s long-standing focus on improving mobile page speed, there are a couple of incontrovertible pieces of evidence. Moreover, sites with increased page speed get more user engagement compared to other sites. Enhanced engagement obviously ends up creating more chances of business conversion.

The question is how one can boost the loading speed of a website. Let us share some effective tips.

  • Always use a mobile-friendly and responsive theme or template.
  • Always follow the best practices guidelines of Google for boosting mobile page speed.
  • Check your mobile page speed frequently by typing the site URL into mobile page speed checker of Google.
  • Use a caching plugin.
  • Optimise the images and use compression with the right tools.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN) for faster delivery of contents.

Easy to Tap CTAs for Buying Products

Always judge your mobile website conversion from the perspective of buyers and then you can spot several pain points or shortcomings that are preventing sales. For example, the buy buttons should be prominent and bigger enough to help customers tapping them easily.

Just think of a situation when a visitor after browsing some products takes a serious interest in one and almost gets convinced to buy it after he reads the description and several customer reviews. But then they cannot find the buy button instantly. Instead of taking the pain to find it out or engaging into a conversation the customer simply decides to leave the website. This happens with so many web stores where simply the lack of access to buy buttons leads to loss of sales or business conversion.

At the same time, stay away from overdoing anything. Don’t be too intrusive to offer several buy buttons on the same page. Such practice can actually be annoying and visually distracting.

Use Compelling Brand Video

Most buyers get influenced by visuals more than anything else. More than images, the video contents give customers an instant feel of the product besides describing various aspects of the item in a real-world setting. This is why using compelling video describing a brand or product offerings is so useful and effective a tactic to push sales.

Just a small video of a minute’s length can narrate a good story about a brand and send the perfect message to the intended audience. Just think of all those users who often after seeing a product in an online store goes to YouTube for accessing video content for the same. While creating brand video always keep the length short, make it short, intuitive, informative and entertaining for the audience.

Improve Checkout

Last but not the least of all important tips for ecommerce and business websites will be making the checkout process better. As many people do not know, complex and uneasy checkout process contributes significantly to the cart abandonment across many web stores.

The checkout process must be short, straightforward and with least difficulties. This is achieved by reducing the friction in the entire checkout process to a minimum level. Let us offer some effective tips to boost the checkout process of your website.

  • Minimise the steps in a checkout process and stick to the basics like filling address form, choosing a payment option and actual buy button.
  • Allow the buyers to log in as guests or with their email or social media credentials.
  • Use a progress indicator to help them see the remaining steps while going through the checkout process.
  • Allow them to choose as many payment options as possible including obviously, Cash on Delivery option.


Apart from all the tactics mentioned above, it is advisable to reduce the cognitive load to a minimum to boost business conversion for business and ecommerce websites. A lot of visual elements and lack of blank spaces will only make the site look cluttered and cumbersome. Visual clutter makes a website look spammy leading to more abandonment.

Author Bio:

Juned Ahmed is an IT consultant by profession and is working with IndianAppDevelopers, a leading Mobile app development company in India. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies.