WordPress theme is what determines look and feel of your blog and finding that “unique look” can be quite difficult or quite expensive! Flexibility WordPress Theme has just changed the playing field. Quote:

Your blog is an extension of you. Your thoughts, your ideas, your creativity…

Flexibility Theme gives you the creative power to break free from the restrictions of other WordPress themes. Easily create a dynamic, eye-catching theme without needing any knowledge of the code that runs WordPress. Control almost every aspect of your blog and get CREATIVE!

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A little while back I have run a poll on my blog on what is the biggest problem that bloggers face. See results of tha poll:

This snapshot was taken a few month back and since than numbers have grown a bit but the main trend remained:

People see Theme Customization as MAJOR ISSUE

Solving this issue and addressing it by providing custom theme as part of the package is one of the biggest selling points of Expert WordPress package. Granted that we have done to it a lot more than just provide simplicity such as optimized the theme for Niche blogging, Speed, Optimized it for Search Engines and made sure it works flawlessly with set of plugins we provide and configure automatically during the initial install.

But the core feature – Simplicity Of Customization and Flexibility of choice still is the biggest seller!

Why am I telling you this? Because I have just discovered a great theme that you can download and use absolutely FREE (I do hope you at least consider a small donation for the guy’s work) – Flexibility.

It provides you with ability to customize the entire look without ever looking at the code!

Flexibility theme features

  • Easy-to-use control panel in your WordPress administration
  • Absolutely no need to know CSS, HTML or PHP to completely customize your blog
  • Multiple sidebar options: choose from a stacked sidebar with multiple sub-sidebars or make your sidebar just one column
  • Free add-on graphics available to change as little or as much of your theme as you wish
  • Use custom background and header images including CSS repeat parameters
  • Easily create a full-width header or footer
  • Take advantage of PNG transparency and create entirely new looks – even in IE6!
  • Turn the search box, e-mail subscription, top sidebar and home page feature box on and off
  • Have full control over the color of text, links and hover states
  • Insert Google AdSense ads in 5 positions simply by selecting your color scheme, ad size, and content type
  • Insert anaytics and statistics scripts without touching the code

You can see some beautiful designes already created by author and he provides you with files for header, search box, background a lot more!

I highly recommend that you ate least check out this theme if considering change of your blog look. I don’t know how well it is optimized for SE’s but it looks great! Get Flexibility WordPress Theme here.

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