Ability to change the look and feel of your blog by simply installing new template is one of the greatest features of WordPress blog and today I want to share 10 WordPress themes that stand out from the rest due to Unique design.

Spring cleaning for the web quite often involves changing your presentation and re-thinking goals your blog is set to achieve. I simply want to help you take advantage of Free WordPress templates you can use to truly separate yourself from the rest!



2 column theme, released before WordPress 2.7 so I don’t know if it supports latest features but if design is right for you – it can be easily modified.

Theme Page | Preview Theme

Desk Mess


Another 2 column theme created before WordPress 2.7 and it is actually one of the reason I present it here – can be a great way to separate yourself from the rest by adding small fixes to this theme, since majority will try to avoid incompatible theme!

Theme Page | Demo



2 column with left sidebar dedicated to widgets this theme can be quite nicely customized even if you are Not doing anything with Canada!

Theme Page | Demo

Coffee Desk


2 column theme tested up to 2.6.1 according to author and can be a nice addition to a tech blog with a few small modification!

Theme Page | Demo



Beautiful 2 column theme with a superb design and a few tweaks can really help you stand out.

Theme Page | Demo



Scruffy is a “grunge” style design with a very nice flow.

Theme Page | Demo



Theme designed to help you highlight your images and has a custom templates for image display. 2 column that supports all the latest features and also backwards compatible with older versions of WordPress.

Theme Page | Demo



Beautiful theme that also comes with PSD file to enable you modify it to your needs.

Theme Page | Full Image Preview (no demo)

WordPress Fun


This one features unique design and quite a few features that I recommend you read on the theme’s page itself.

Theme Page

Notepad Chaos


Theme comes with the PSD file to allow you modifications and even further customizations. There is no live demo but you can preview the large image size on author’s page.

Theme Page

I know that most of the themes presented here are Not WordPress 2.7 ready but I have a slightly different take on it!

Modifying a theme that is no longer supported can be one of the simplest ways to make your blog unique even with a FREE theme!

A few changes and a bit of coding you can outsource for a few dollars can make your blog sparkle with Originality!