BloggingFor some, blogging is a way to live the life and for some others, it is just a platform to share their thoughts. However, whether it is for making money or for expressing thoughts, the custom domain name is vital to get done the purpose.

But bloggers obviously think about initial investment, as it costs from $10 to $15 per year which depends on the competition. For some keywords, it may be even more. Whatever, but cost matters for most of the newbie bloggers. Though it is tough, you should invest for custom domain name, otherwise you may experience the following disadvantages:

Disadvantage of free domain name:

  1. Looks unprofessional: If your blog domain is like or, it makes your audience think you’re unprofessional. Yes, absolutely it doesn’t add any value to your purpose. Custom domain is even important for blogs that provide information on mobile app development companies, website development companies and their services, as there is a chance of getting contacted by those companies to list them on the blog as a paid service.
  1. Difficult to remember for users: If your domain name is not customized, it will be difficult even for your loyal customers to remember. So they mayn’t show interest to visit your site by entering the domain name. If you don’t want to happen that, then you need a custom domain name.
  1. Less advertising revenue: Sooner or later, you’ll outline a plan to make money from your blog. Many advertising services and advertisers don’t prefer sites with a sub-domain like or Services like buysellads don’t accept subdomains, so you may lose around 50% of your potential revenue. Though Google AdSense program accepts it, don’t prefer it much. So you may lose your main revenue source.
  1. No custom email id: This is not an issue for all bloggers, but really an issue for blogger who needs to communicate with clients for the business that is run on the blog. With the custom domain name, you will get custom email ids like or This gives you a more professional look.
  1. It may affect SEO ranking: SEO ranking is crucial for any blog to achieve the desired success. When you change to custom domain, you will lose your ranking. Then you have to create backlinks from the scratch. This happened in my case as well. First I created my own blog to learn SEO with subdomain and even I created some backlinks for it, but when I became serious about blogging, I created a custom domain, but I had to create backlinks from the scratch.
  1. Difficult to brand your blog: As custom domain presents you as an unprofessional blogger, it is difficult to brand your blog. Even if you share posts on social media, people may not show much interest to visit the blog. Some feel it as spamming.

How to create a custom domain name?

If you already have a custom domain name, you can map that to the blogging platform you are using. Otherwise, you can directly purchase custom domain on WordPress or other service providers like GoDaddy. Even you can purchase domain from the web hosting company.


Custom domain has many tangible benefits compared to money you save with sub-domain. It costs around $10, and depending on the competition, it would be more or less. Happy blogging.

About the guest author:

Sandeep Kumar is a well-versed content writer working in FuGenX Technologies, an emerging mobile app development company. He likes to write on technology, startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.