blog contentThe biggest hurdle most bloggers face is finding the next topic to write on. After all, there are only so many angles you can do for a particular subject before it starts to become redundant.

With that in mind, the following are 3 strategies you can use to find more content ideas for your blog:

1. Udemy Curriculums

Udemy is popular site for creators to package their skills and sell them courses.

While most bloggers would stop their view on Udemy just there, you can go the extra mile and browse through the structure of the most popular courses for your field.

For example, the most popular photography course has the following topics:

  • Quick Tips for Better Photography
  • Lighting – how to light your photos
  • Using Stabilization – Tripods, Monopods or More?
  • Smartphone photography – take better photos, the selfie way!
  • Photo editing in Lightroom
  • Photo editing in Photoshop

If you are a photographer who runs a photography blog, these topics are in your realm of expertise and it would act as a guide for the topics you can write about and create content on.

The best part of this strategy is that you are getting audience-approved topics. Most of the courses on Udemy are paid-only courses, some up to $99 for a course.

2. Quora Hack

Quora is a platform for users to ask questions and the most upvoted answer becomes the de-facto answer. If you search for your field in the search bar, you will find the most common questions related to your field (and the most favoured answers). For example, if you looked for finance, there will be questions like “How to do I become a millionaire by 30?” Or questions like “What do wealthy parents think about the Rich Kids of Instagram?”

One may dismiss these questions as trivial or not serious.

But one can rewrite these to be:

  • How to Achieve Financial Freedom by 30 / The Financial Freedom Blueprint (eBook Download)
  • How to Teach Your Kids About the Value of Money

As you can see, these questions are not so trivial at all as most of them linger on peoples’ minds pretty often (but may not be spoken out loud.)

Quora is a great place for direct and indirect topics you can use to write your next blog posts. Not to mention that it is user generated and frequently asked, meaning potentially high search traffic as well. Remember, these are words typed verbatim by users and not passively suggested by search engines.

3. YouTube Related Videos

If you are able to proactively search for different topics in your niche, then you probably wouldn’t need all these content creation ideas. But most of us need it and one of the best places to get more ideas is YouTube.

When you search for something on YouTube and you click on your preferred search result, you will end up with a side bar of suggested and related videos.

Given the fact that you searched for a keyword that you already know, for example Blogging, YouTube will algorithmically show you related videos to Blogging that was also widely clicked by other users.

This helps tremendously in your content creation as you already have the basics of your niche down and if people on YouTube are likely to click on the next related video, you can use that to create your next related post as well (potentially increasing your time on site and rankings as well).

This post was written by Ben Sim from iPrice group.