return online solutions puzzle Over three years ago I fell off from online marketing scene due to family emergency. I kept my presence to a minimum, required to take care of couple income generating sites and keep contacts with some friends. All my social media accounts were killed either suspended or completely closed and lost.

“In this post I will document my plan to conquer and rule the world return to online marketing. Your prompt and direct financial contribution comments are welcome.”

So the big question I’m faced with right now, is the same one many of my customers had. Finding an answer puts me into a quite beneficial position…

How To Make My Minimal Online Presence Profitable?

Luckily my experience tells me that what was lost – can actually become a gain! It gives me a fresh perspective, while I keep my expertize and authority knowledge and skills. A unique opportunity to “reinvent the wheel”! And if you are interested how – continue to read…

Still here?

Excellent my friend, as I plan to use your attention to bore you with my story gage the interest,  so your comments and feedback are quite welcome! My plan is simple:

  1. Set a reasonable goal
  2. Take action steps that move me closer to achieving it
  3. Analyze results and adjust techniques used
  4. Learn and read

Reuse What I Have

This is a most obvious and logical first step to take. Quick inventory examination forced pointed me to return to the basics – blogging. After all, I still have my well established blog and I actually like to share what I know and learn in process. This is what lead to my initial, early success and what made Ken Evoy from to post as comment (there is actually quite more there):

Alex, this is a great blog. You have an active group of commenters and your present regular, frequent fresh thinking. A great example of blogging the way it should be done.

So with that in mind I have done a complete re-make of the UI – changed theme and brought it closer to current trends. I also started to remove some old posts and pages, which contain either old or inaccurate (sometimes both) information.

My next step was to evaluate current monetization strategy and initially start with what works for me right now. So I made aweber ads more prominent and added a service offer page, which I will use not so much as income but to understand the issues people have and I can assist with. After all – good info product is always a solution to pain points, that people experience (yeah, I already plan for it!).

And lastly I re-established my old Facebook profile, created new Twitter account and introduced myself to friends people, who used to know me and some seem to still like remember me. For that I want to thank you all again!

Just a fair warning – I’m not the same, more evil and less politically correct moo-ha-ha, and will write as I see it and as I like it! If you stick around, it might be a refreshing!

Plan For Things To Come

Right now I’m a bit out of the loop and main thing for me is to get my bearings – identify what works and what doesn’t. But even now I do know that some timeless classics, such as email marketing and content marketing, are still here and I plan to use them to full extent!

Email subscription will be a next big step with establishing an email list. However, before I do – I want to be able to give people something useful, unique and valuable in exchange for permission to send them emails. And until I can get from my friends create something of value – I will not present that option on my blog. This will hinder my progress slightly but on the scale of things – not a bit issue at this point.

Content marketing, giving limited time is also going to take a while but I’m not in a rush and have all the time in a world to tell my stories! And if for any odd reason you actually like what I have to say – please be kind and don’t forget to share my story using options, provided below each post!

And now to the main point – I have to find a way to do it all in under 5-6 hours a week! Stay tuned and follow updates on the process, as I plan to keep myself accountable!