While I know my opinion is biased – I think we had a great webinar this past Tuesday. And while it was designed to not only deliver content but also to offer my product, which I believe to be superb to any other in most aspects, it can be a great listen even if you are already member.

Over an hour of content delivered, which was designed to accomplish 2 things:

  • Continue with a Webinar series building on previously recorded and available session
  • Provide a content structured to answer great many questions I have received from people as part of registration process.

And then we followed it up with almost an hour of Q&A session, small part of which was recorded. Only my answers to questions asked before webinar, in case if you didn’t make it. You can download and watch both Expert WordPress Webinar Sessions here. Just scroll to Additional Training.

I build it as Series to provide an continues stream of free information! Feel free to comment on it!