Before you start to build a list you first need to choose a niche. This is something that you cannot change later unless you want to abandon all your efforts and start from scratch so it is very important to choose wisely. What makes a good niche for list building and what are the bad niches to avoid?

Good Niches – Developmental

The best niches for list building are developmental ones. This means that the average subscriber will not buy one of your recommended products and then have no need to listen to your recommendations anymore. Instead, each and every product that they buy will help them get closer to some identifiable goal.

For example, forex trading is a developmental niche. There is no single book (electronic or otherwise) or course that anyone can point to and say “this will make you a master forex trader”. Learning how to trade profitably can be done in a matter of weeks but more usually takes several years. Many developmental niches such as this one involve learning from several different sources and discovering your own personal preferences and style. With hard work, focus and good discipline, a person can gradually become “better” with time.

Another similar niche is the make money/internet marketing niches. Some sports can also be included such as golf, for example (many golfers are never happy with their swing or putting game), or even fishing. The seduction niche is huge and this is a prime example of a developmental niche as many men seek to better themselves in terms of their abilities to attract women.

One great thing about these niches is that you will always have plenty of products to promote and your pitches will not get stale. Over time, you should be able to find everyone on your list something that appeals to them.

The minor downside to these types of niche is that they tend to be quite competitive. This can make relying on SEO traffic more difficult than usual. It can also make it tough to set yourself apart from the crowd. One way to avoid this is to drill deeper into a sub-niche of the broader niche. For example, you could participate in the seduction niche but offer a report and tips on picking up chicks on the dance floor. This way you can differentiate yourself but still promote products from the broader niche too.

Bad Niches – One Shot Deals

The worst type of niche to build a list in are those where a subscriber may suddenly no longer need your help after they use a product or service that works for them.

One of the best examples are many of the health condition niches. Some, but not all, such niches are fairly easy to cure once you know how. If you have such subscribers and they do find their solution then you cannot make anymore money out of them. It also means that you cannot build a buyers list because such a list will be full of people who no longer need any help and therefore be useless to you.

I’ve made this mistake myself and so I speak from personal experience. You can sometimes wring another sale or two out of such buyers if they didn’t properly use the product that they bought earlier but otherwise the scope for extracting more value from them is extremely limited. You cannot hope to create the classic “funnel” of segregating freebie seekers into low value buyers and then bigger ticket buyers.

About Author: Chris Kent is a power list building marketer with large lists in several different niches. He teaches new or failed list builders how to build their first profitable list of at least 1,000 subscribers and start enjoying thousand dollar paydays. Get his free list building secrets report now at Easy List Building.