Marketing landscape has been evolving. Brands have realised that the strategy of putting up ads on TV and in print does not work anymore. The target audience is not interested in listening to celebrities. They are more willing to listen to and follow influencers on social media. These influencers are experts and are known for their unbiased authentic opinions.

How can brands use influencers in their marketing strategy? Let’s discuss the strategies.

1. Provide Coupon Codes

As a brand when you collaborate with influencers, they create and publish attractive posts promoting your brand. You could help make the posts more enticing by providing the influencers discount coupon codes. These coupon codes can then be put on the promotional post. The followers following the influencers can use those coupon codes. This strategy generates good amount of conversions and traffic.

2. Write Blog Posts

Blogs are a good way to talk about the products and services you provide in details. You could collaborate with influential bloggers. Blogging provides good amount of visibility and brand awareness.

3. Mentioning the brand

When your brand is being talked about by the influencers in social media it creates a good amount of engagement around the brand. Followers are interested in knowing more about the brand. Brands can use right tools to monitor brand mentions and then plug in appropriate information to keep the conversations going.

4. Giveaways

Influencer giveaways are very popular. The influencers give away branded products for free to their followers in return for a mention, or a comment on social media. The idea is to reach out to as many people as possible.

5. Ambassador Programs

Influencers who are primarily experts in their chosen niche when they get into long term partnership with the brand, they are considered ambassadors. It is similar to celebrity endorsement. Ambassadors have multi channel presence. They co-create content for the brand which is then promoted by them.

6. Plan Events

Brands can plan events around the products and invite influencers to create the hype. When celebrity influencers attend the events it is covered well in the media and creates a lot of buzz around the brand. Details of the events covered in social media accounts generates awareness.

7. Influencer Takeover

In this influencer strategy, influencer takes over the social accounts of the brand for a certain amount of time to share his expertise. Both brands and the influencer gain. Brands get interesting content on their timelines and influencer gets to address the followers of the brand. His reach increases. Brands get more followers too.

8. Guest Posting

There are immensely popular influential blogger’s websites- posting on them boosts the visibility. You can post on these sites as a guest. Your guest posts have to be insightful and useful for the readers.

9. Provide Free Products or Services

Brands provide free products or services to influencers in return for reviews, blog posts and creative photos and videos. Influencers like to provide useful information to the followers. They post creative content about the free product and service. It helps in creating awareness about the products and the brands.

10. Create Challenges For Influencers

Influencers love to participate in challenges that brands set up for them. Keep the prizes attractive. Challenges and competitions for influencers creates a big buzz online. When multiple influencers talk about a challenge set up by a brand, there is big increase in brand awareness.

These are the 10 influencer marketing strategies brand can use. You can go through the gifographic given below which discusses these strategies.

 10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Knows

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