The ultimate goal of every site is to make money. Interestingly, not all blogs earn huge bucks. Only a small amount of overall sites has huge income. A look within these sites will reveal that what matters is authority within the niche. However, upon closer look I have found some other secrets, which are as follows:

Focused on a particular niche:

This is no big secret yet mostly ignored. People tend to start a generic site as it gives freedom with writing. Even if a niche blog is created, somehow the category increases and finally turns into generic. Most high earning sites are focused on a particular niche. Therefore, the first step in turning your blog into moneymaking machine is to turn into a specific niche.

Content-Unique and related with the present condition:

Content is of utmost importance. High earning blogs have contents that deal with the present market situation. Evergreen contents are good and drive traffic easily. However, when speaking about conversion evergreen content are of little help. Content that is generally related to present condition is usually enticing. Furthermore, the reader is able to relate personally with what is being said due to the relevancy.

Solutions to Problems:

High earning blogs provide solutions to problems or at least try to. Every niche within the market is filled with problems. You need to pick out the most troubling problem and attempt to provide a solution. Naturally, your blog will turn as an authority and people will purchase products and services as part of problem solving.

Simple layout & Design:

Most blogs, which rank higher, are simple in layout and design. They have the basic page structure with customized header. Simplicity always works as readers find easily for what they are looking for. Therefore, always aim for simple layout and design.

Huge mailing list:

Another common factor that huge earning blogs have is their huge list. They have somehow gathered huge email list. No matter how the internet changes, list building will always make more money.

Affiliate sales:

The monetization technique is vital. Monetization is essentially through affiliate sales followed by CPA ads. Even CPM ads accrue to the earnings but they have lesser impact. Earnings through affiliate sales are high owing to the authority over the niche. Furthermore, CPA ad structure works as the ads are highly pertinent with the content. Obviously high conversion rates leading to high earnings.

These were just many of the few factors. I would appreciate if you can take time and add your own views.

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