ibccdsmall.jpgAll genius is simple – an absolutely true statement when it comes to product details on which I’m about to share with you. In fact simplicity was so mind blowing I couldn’t believe it at first …

A fellow marketer Dallas Carter came up with an idea that turned into solution that 100% guarantees you get paid each and every time someone visits your blog or site without those visitors even knowing that make you money. How perfect is that?

I’m all about simplicity, duplication and quality and that is exactly what attracted me to Instant Blog Cash. 20 minutes video tutorial takes you every single step of he way to start earning without sacrificing your integrity as blogger. Not only do you earn but you actually do it via totally “white hat” strategy and fully complying with all TOS. Some details (no, I’m not giving away all the secrets):

  • Content and Presentation quality are great. You get complete video that guides you that is great quality and not too large for download even if you are on slow dial-up connection.
  • Difficulty level is appropriate even for a complete beginner. And I mean anyone can use it, as long as you know how to use copy and paste functions – you are all set. The video takes care of the other details and shows you what you need to know.
  • Duplication possibilities are endless. This is perhaps the best part of the product. It is so simple to use and implement that you can quickly create a virtual network of profitable blogs or sites in no time. The only problem I can see is driving traffic to them all. If I may suggest … my Web 2.0 Wealth System can easily take care of this little issue.
  • Bang for a buck is pretty hard to measure. For a price of medium pizza you get a chance to earn while working part time. Hmmm … seems like a no-brainer to me but if you think different – Do Not Click The Link Below!

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