With so many positive reviews, there is every reason to switch to Windows 7!

Windows 7, the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System, has been sitting in stores shelves around the country for close to two years, but still some Microsoft users are stubbornly hanging on to Vista and XP. Considering the work that has gone into the new operating system, and the positive reviews it has received, this makes no sense at all. Everyone at Microsoft is using Windows 7 – from the managing directors to the IT support.

So why should you switch to Windows 7? Here are seven reasons:

1.User Feedback

Do you remember Windows Vista? Well, to make a long story short, the new operating system failed to live up to a majority of PC users’ expectations. In the end, most users preferred to forego Vista totally, and have carried on with Windows XP. As a result, Microsoft took it upon themselves to make the new Windows 7 OS as user friendly as possible, putting in a considerable amount of effort in crowd-sourcing feedback from Microsoft users.

2.Upgrade Compatibility

When developing Windows 7, Microsoft had its loyal users in mind, as well as those who still wanted to hold on to the Win-XP experience. The new OS has been developed to support virtually all applications that run on your Win-XP PC. If in the unlikely case one of your applications does not run on the new Win-7, you can still execute it in a virtual surrounding known as XP Mode.

What is especially interesting about this running mode is that you do not have to switch between a Win-XP emulator and Win-7.

3.Automatically Installed Hardware Applications

This was one of the biggest complaints in the previous OS. Nobody wants to surf the web for device driver upgrades for the hardware installed on your PC. Thankfully, Windows 7 now upgrades your drivers automatically. All you need to do is install a piece of hardware and the operating system searches for the appropriate drivers.


It is well known that a majority, if not all, of Windows users love to download and share information. Windows 7 has been designed in such a manner that a user can easily share information and media. You can instantly share all your photos, videos and music without going through a lengthy process like before.

5.An Improved Graphical User Interface

Windows 7 features fresh Aero traits that will totally alter the way in which you interact with your PC forever. Aero Peek is the most innovative feature in Win-7 because it layers all open windows in the background of an active window.

Another characteristic is Aero Snap. This makes it easier to resize and arrange windows and applications to suit the available room on your desktop.

6.More Enhanced Hardware Support

The thing about technology is that it changes at a rapid rate. In tandem with future hardware developments, Windows 7 has been designed in such a manner that it can adapt to changing hardware features. For example, one of the hottest trends right now is touch screen interface, and Windows 7 has been incorporated with a multi-touch support. No more phones call to Microsoft’s Business IT support with the Win-7 OS!

7.It Looks Stunning

An artificial reason, yes, but because we tend to become so attached to our devices, appearance is important. You will never get bored with the Win-7 interface. Win-7 looks modern and fresh, not like the dull user interface of Win-XP.

Well, there you have it. Seven great reasons to upgrade to a Windows 7 OS!

Guest Post By: Neel is a freelance writer, writing on various topics including Computer Support.