A recent study from a cloud security firm has pointed out that businesses and government agencies are warming rapidly to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. A steep increase in the adoption rate has been witnessed in the past one and a half years, pertaining to applications of cloud computing. The most important moves in this sector have been initiated by regulated industries and the government structures.

This piece of information comes from a new study conducted by Bitglass which is a cloud security firm. The firm analyzed traffic from North American organizations and presented a report stating that there has been a surge of 71% in the usage of cloud computing services among private companies. The increase in the public sector is more than 300%

This study sheds light on what is being quantified by the industry observers. The rate at which cloud adoption has taken off is tremendous. The analysis done by Bitglass didn’t involve all the cloud facets. Evaluation of only the public cloud applications was done in this study. The analysis was as well limited to the productivity suites such as the Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. The applications were chosen for the analysis as these are generally deployed on an enterprise wide scale and potential key indicators that a firm has committed itself to a cloud computing strategy.

This approach adopted in the analysis eliminate companies where niche applications have been applied by the employees to their work process. 47% have either adopted Office 365 or Google Apps among government agencies in the United States. Although an important number of organizations which have a thousand employees or even more, have made an initiative in adopting cloud services and the analysis highlights that cloud services became very popular locally and at the state level.

There has been a dramatic increase in the education sector and this clearly explains the huge number of sold licenses and discounts offered by Google and Microsoft. Even though the gains observed in the regulated industries are important, a steady adoption rate has been witnessed in the healthcare industry.

A variety of factors have triggered the cloud computing services adoption rate. Microsoft has been credited with successful sales strategy and also with offering flexibility in renewal terms of the contract and licensing services and products. Google is also making great efforts to push the Apps suite in its cloud enterprise and according to PCworld, Google Apps Suite is ten times bigger than used to be in 2006.

Amazon Web Services offers reliable and scalable cloud computing services; some say that Amazon is currently the most popular public cloud provider a company can hire. Furthermore, AWS consulting and migrations are very common services today.

Finally, there has been a radical shift in the IT department over the last couple of years regarding the security concerns associated with public cloud services. Recently, more and more companies tried to adopt a broader perspective regarding this topic. Cloud computing services hold a lot of potential and generally, this has been understood by business owners and investors even if they were skeptical few years ago. This means that numerous companies have changed their perception about cloud computing services and they are ready to take the first step.