wordpress themeIf you are a business owner today, one of the topmost thoughts in your mind is most likely how to harness the power of the internet. There is no doubt that the internet marketplace is the new frontier for commerce and most brands have in fact shifted focus on online marketing campaigns. More budgets are now dedicated to digital marketing techniques as companies reposition themselves to leverage the growing numbers of internet users.

According to recent reports, the number of internet users globally is now over 3.638 billion and every second new users are joining up. Availability of business information online makes it possible for internet users to research brands and order goods and services on the platform.

Online shopping retail sales for instance, are expected to grow to $370 billion by end of 2017 according to a study by CMO by Adobe. The same study shows that 72 of Millenials now research and shop for options online before going to a store. The popularity of mobile internet devices has also spurred the internet revolution in business and your brand should not be left out.

How do you get started? This is the million-dollar question and one that most entrepreneurs are wary of answering. To get noticed online, you have to build a website that is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. A WordPress (WP) blog or website is a perfect start and in fact, most startups and small businesses adopt this as their springboard in internet marketing.

There are many reasons to go for the WordPress content management system (CMS). This is open source software where you don’t need a costly license to use. The CMS offers a wide range of themes that you can use to customize your website and give is a personal style. With thousands of free plug-ins available, you don’t have to worry about scalability as your business grows. It is always easy to add features, enhance security and much more when using a WP CMS.

Using a WordPress Theme for Better Functionality

While WordPress offers all these amazing benefits, it is important to appreciate the significance of the WP theme you choose. WP themes come with myriad benefits including free demos, affordability, multi-purpose functioning, no need for coding, extendable functionality, availability of e-Commerce functionality, support, amazing features, reliable updates and much more.

However, there are some themes that will stand out more than others. As a business owner, you have to appreciate the stiff competition you are going to face in the battle for higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). The choice of a WP theme can determine whether users will love your website and how easy it will be to navigate. You might have the best looking website, but if it is not a high performing one, you will miss out big time.

When choosing a WordPress theme, the cost should not be the only guiding factors but instead you need to consider functionality, technical support, available plug-ins that come with a theme, simplicity, responsive web design, ratings and reviews and of course, aesthetics.

With these factors in mind, you can now go ahead and sample the following top performing WP themes, which you can then adopt for your business website:

  • Entrepreneur

This is a new fresh-faced and smart easy-to-use WP theme. It is ideally designed for small businesses that are looking for a professional look to compete with the largest brands in their niche. It is ideal for businesses that want to advertise themselves and their services online and also offers an easy but powerful scheduling and booking platform for all types of businesses. It is a simple looking platform that nevertheless has a powerful Admin panel to help you control your design easily. There are numerous pre-designed templates you can use to provide a customized layout for your business.

You have the reins to make your business website truly yours in a matter of seconds. From hairstylists to personal trainers, this WP theme is a Godsend. The parallel enabled page versions with smooth scrolling are just what users will love. Entrepreneur is responsive theme with a beautiful design and features, such as portfolio layouts, PayPal and WooCommerce support, premium Booked Appointments plug-in and add-ons. Thousands of customizable icons that are scalable and retina-ready make your website or blog beautiful to look at.

  • Wolverine

This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is perfect for any business website. Whether you are a freelancer or a corporate looking for a professional platform to engage with customers, Wolverine comes in handy with its 4 unique demos, 22 homepages with a single click, Retina-ready plug-in, high quality resolution and much more. This WP theme is responsive and flexible, meaning your site or blog meaning you reach a wider audience on a versatile platform. With CSSS3 animations, an easy drag and drop feature Wolverine is easy to use and also comes with Photoshop to make customization even easier. The Google Font plug-in has hundreds of options to play with and create a personalized website.

  • Futurico

If you are looking for a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is easily customizable, Futurico is the way to go. This is one of the most versatile website builders and comes with a Visual CSS style editor Yellow Pencil and Unlimited colors. These features allow you to play around with colors while the unlimited options make optimization easy. Page building has never been easier with Visual Composer, which you can use with the Revolution Slider. The available features include WooCommerce for business, Google Fonts for typography and WPML and RTL for translating, among others. There are support forums and a support team on the ready to help.

If you are worried about how entering the online market will affect your business, you can always go for free WP themes such as Hueman, Dazzling, Poseidon, Customizr, Vantage, Colorway, Enigma, and SinglePage among others. If your business is going through financial constraints brought about by spiraling debt, it is important to start repairing your finances through a debt relief. You will find a counselor who will guide you on how to deal with your debt before starting your online business venture. This helps you to expend more energy on the core business as opposed to dealing with spiraling debt. With a tailored debt relief program, you have more leeway to build your online business.

With this insight, it becomes easier to select the ideal WP theme using a systematic approach. At the back of your mind, remember that the layout you choose must augment your marketing efforts by making it easier to generate leads and convert.

Author: Isabella Rossellini is an experienced internet marketing specialist with many years in the industry. She is also an internet entrepreneur and mentor to upcoming marketers. She also consults as a financial advisor.