“This article gives a detailed description of everything that webmasters need to know about the recent mobile search update-Rich cards-how it works and its perks.”

The manner in which people use technology today has changed dramatically. With the introduction of a Smartphone, now people have a computer which is fully functional and which they can carry everywhere. People use a Smartphone to talk, play games, download more apps and surf the web. More significantly for business purpose, people utilize their handset for searching the web and do it differently compared to a PC or a laptop. This is dramatically changing the mobile SEO search result and owing to this people require in changing their marketing strategy. In fact, when a person conducts a search on their mobile phone, they are not doing research but looking for action. So tailoring one’s search listings and ads appropriately is a must.

A brief on the mobile search result update

Google Search is being improved, refreshed, updated and reworked with new concepts, ideas and functions. Of late it has come up with the latest rich cards format. This feature will help different businesses while its advantages will be much beyond imagination. Earlier searching from tablets and Smartphone was boring, but with this most recent mobile SEO tool users are sure to experience high quality searching. The rich cards will make searching or browsing on a phone a much better visual experience compared to what they have been used to. This is kind of an advanced version comprising of rich snippets and the search results here will come with tiny images and short web page text samples, but there is no chance of it replacing the existing format altogether. Google has rolled out this feature initially for movies and recipes. As of now, users can encounter rich cards only if they are utilizing Google.com’s English version, but is planning to introduce more languages and categories in the near future.

Benefits of using rich cards

Mobile phone users can experience a bunch of benefits by using the latest rich cards. Some of these are as follows,

  • Rich cards are an excellent means to offer data to search regarding opportunities, products or events on the website. It can be nicely displayed to users in diverse formats and on different devices as well as can help in driving traffic to the site.
  • Fix errors on the rich cards or improve the cards with extra data. Omissions or errors in the rich card data will help in reducing the features available in the card or also prevent the same from being entirely processed.
  • Rich cards are an entirely new search result set-up building on rich snippets’ success. Akin to rich snippets, the rich cards utilize a structured markup (schema.org) for displaying content in a visual and engaging format, with a spotlight on offering an enhanced mobile friendly website and user experience. Here the content is presented in carousels which are hassle free to browse via scrolling from the left to the right. Currently it is accessible in two categories, namely recipes and movies. More categories to come up in the future with the improvement in technology.

For a website owner, the rich cards will be an excellent opportunity for standing out within the search results and grabbing more users to their page. Attention webmasters, they now require ensuring that their website is perfectly rich card friendly in order to gain higher Google search referrals.

About the Author: Through this article Austin Williams has elaborately discussed on Rich Cards- Google’s latest update on mobile search result and also its multiple benefits.