How To Analyze A Web Page: The Nine Basic Metrics

search seoWhen analyzing a web page, there are many metrics that we have to take into account. All of them are equally important to understand how our site is working, but there are nine that you should know if you have a web page.

If you have been in the online world for a while, you may have heard more than once that measuring is the key. And the good thing about the Internet is that it allows us to measure absolutely everything that happens on our site. It sounds good, right? However, in the end, we have so much data that analyzing a web page can become hell. The nine metrics that I bring to you today are the most basic and the ones that you should keep in your memory.


7 Outstanding Site Add-Ons to Help Increase your Conversion Rate

website conversionsYou don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that an online store needs to sell products or services to create a profit. There are two critical stages in that process: generating traffic and converting visits to sales. The latter of those can often be the most challenging and frustrating for many online entrepreneurs. Bringing visitors to your site is often a fairly straightforward process, but there are a great number of factors that can affect their willingness to buy.

Among the most often-cited reasons for lack of conversion are:

  • Lack of confidence/trust
  • No way to interact with the site administrator
  • Poor product selection
  • Inability to find a product
  • No demonstration of products


7 Ways To Drive Consistent Traffic to Your Site

The key term here is consistency. Having consistent traffic coming to your site is a lot harder than having a lot of traffic come to your site, or having a short burst of traffic. Consistent traffic takes a lot more planning and hard work. The trouble is that many people are fooled by rogue SEO companies. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the companies that deal with it will promise to have your website ranked higher up the Search Engine Results Pages (the SERPs).

The rogue SEO companies will receive payment and get a website on the first few pages of Google. The customer is thrilled, only to find out two months later that their website has fallen down to result number two million, or worse still, the website has been banned from indexing by the search engines. In this case the customer will have no way of getting their money back, or claiming reparations for having their websites kicked off of the search engines.


What Content Is Your Audience Looking For?

When you’re composing marketing messages, choosing content that will engage potential customers is your top priority. However, it’s not always easy to know how to keep your customers’ attention. To create effective marketing materials, research your audience and then shape your medium and your content to meet their expectations.

Identify and target your audience

Begin the marketing research process by identifying your key audience and determining the appropriate strategy for reaching that demographic. For example, you might consider audience age. If most of your customers are young, a marketing strategy that incorporates new concepts and trends is likely to be successful. When researching your audience, you should also determine their expertise level with your product.


Turn Your Blog Interactive With These Tips

What if people are coming on your blog and just returning back after reading your posts or spending some time on the blog? No interaction, No communication. This means that still there’s one thing that you can surely do better or improve and i.e. to make your blog so enthralling that it stirs instant reactions from the readers. People not only come to read your post but also exchange their views on it.

So let’s optimize your blog with these tips and make it a reader friendly place for communication and expressing their viewpoints.


How to Use Facebook to Generate Traffic To Your Website?

How do you utilize Facebook to facilitate internet marketing traffic generation to your site?

Your Facebook profile page, now called Timeline, is everything! From the landing page to the cover photo to the about page to the layout, everything can be customized according to your specific internet marketing traffic generation needs.

Here are a few helpful tips to start off:

A) Uploading a Cover Photo

The cover photo is the first element that first-time visitors see on your Facebook page. It’s like a title to an article in the sense that it makes or breaks your chances of welcoming a new fan. The use of a cover photo in your Facebook page gives it a ‘professional’ look that separates it from others that are stuck with the usual page setups. Your FB page will become much like a professional website created for some high-end product or celebrity entity.
Put your blog URL on the cover photo, probably on the bottom-right portion of the image, adjacent to the profile pic where it is clearly seen. If there is any slogan, add and highlight too.