5 Things You MUST NOT Do With Your Next Instagram Post

Instagram is catching up with Facebook very quickly. Just a year ago, the average time spent on Instagram was 27 mins and Facebook was 50 mins.

One year ahead, a user spends an average of 48 mins on Instagram (77.77% rise) and 58 mins on Facebook (3.6% rise).


7 Tools To Create Content For Social Networks

social media Managing a social network professionally or semi-professionally is something that many people do or will do at least once in their lives. So there are increasingly more tools to facilitate the task, as these six tools to create content.

A blog, a page on Facebook, or any other profile in any of the different networks.

Managing large communities is something that Community Managers of agencies and large companies face on a daily basis.

It is a job that requires almost 24 hours a day, between the creation of content, publication and subsequent monitoring.

Therefore, it is essential to use tools that help them carry out all the tasks with the highest efficiency, and in the shortest possible time. Every minute counts when it comes to managing online communities. For your android app development, you should meet with top app development companies.


The Rise of Emoji in the Use of Social Media Marketing

emojiGone are the days when brands would chase the millennial market for their insatiable appetite for digital media; today, the brands are shifting their attention towards Generation. This target audience was born after the turn of century, and communicates through text messages, especially emoji – a single image that convey emotions in elegantly simple ways, such as a smile, heart, hug or a wink. It is interesting to note that the primary reason why emoji has become popular is because of its informal nature and how it has helped numerous businesses connect with their consumers on social platforms.

Emoji tactics used by big players


What Everyone Should Learn From Yahoo Security Crisis

socialmediasecurityguideEver since Yahoo revealed that over 500 million accounts were hacked in the past one year, the media sites have been breaming with news. With some criticising their security policies and others warning users to keep an eye on the common security measures, it is apparent that some critical lessons that ought to be learnt aren’t being given closer consideration. Many media sites are focusing on the negativities at the expense of critical lessons, which are essential to businesses and consumers alike. So which are some of these lessons?

It’s more about data than money

With advancement in this information era, the criminal trends are shifting from stealing data to stealing private information. Apparently, most hackers are concerned with big data from people’s private lives. What does that mean to the average consumer? Enhancing security of your computer system is a key priority. You should always be in the alert when it comes to protecting finer personal information.


Building an Internal Social Media Network for Employees

It’s difficult not to see that social media is a critical part of our lives and today’s connected world. The same statement applies to companies where many businesses have considered or are trying to implement an internal social media platform.

There are multiple benefits of having such a platform, with the main ones outlined below:

  • Helping employees collaborate and share information
  • Give everyone in the company a stronger voice
  • Strengthen company culture
  • Pull up discussions, data and more within few minutes
  • Generate ideas and work on projects in real-time

A great example of a company taking advantage of all these benefits is Lenovo. Their social media marketing lead, Roderick Strother, revealed that external social media channels like Twitter and Facebook can feel too noisy within a company.


New Business? Get Social!

New businesses must include social media as part of their marketing strategy. Regardless of whether you begin a brick and mortar company or do business only online, the social media can build credibility for your brand and a sense of community among your customers. As millions of people daily log into most popular social networking sites, they need to find your company and the goods and services you provide. The following tips will help you formulate and execute a social media strategy that works for you.

Plan for Social Media

When starting your business, you probably have decided to hire a web designer or website design firm to build an online presence. Your company must plan to spend time and money on its social media presence. Studies have shown that as little time as six hours weekly spent engaging your target market can result in increased website traffic that can lead to increased sales. When you include social media campaigns in your business plan and operating budget, you integrate social media with your culture. Of course, every company needs to go beyond time and money to develop a winning social media strategy.