Link Love – Best Of My Commenters

Today I decided to do something slightly different and as a way to thank my frequent commenters I would like to feature some posts from blogs of the people who come here and contribute the most:

  • Oregon Pacific Coast Hiking Trail Maps from Herb Pagano Jr is all about… you guest it! Where to get hiking maps for the Oregon trails. While I’m not into hiking (I did get spoiled by civilization) his blog is great resource.
  • How Much is My Jacksonville Home Worth? from Brad Officer discusses the real estate and what becomes of it. His blog provides insights on the real estate in Florida and has tips that shouldn’t be ignored in this economy.

If you like this format – let me know by commenting! I would love to have your blog post featured on my blog next week!

Around Blogosphere – Posts Of Note

This week was filled with quite a few things that impacted both Internet and also Offline world we live in. I will share a few posts that captured my own attention and pushed me into action as I felt compelled to take a stand, even as it seem unpopular under current US administration.

No worries – this is not political post, although it will include an opinion!

  • The 10-Point Ethics Checklist by my personal favorite copy writing guru Michel Fortin I think contains it all when it comes to marketing on Internet. I guess we can easily call it 10 commandments of marketing! Loved It!
  • How To Create A $12 Visitor Value? this is a bonus offer from a fellow blogger Andy Beard and I think it contains something so unique that if you are in a mood to buy PLF2, you need to check it out. BTW, I get nothing from publishing it except satisfaction of spreading something I think will help you.
  • Stop it, Washington,before it’s too late! by Clayton Makepeace is a both informational and call to action. As personal raised with conservative values and one who lived through totalitarian regime it pains me to see what is done to country I come to call my home. Time to wake up is now – history repeats itself and if you don’t believe me – read the history of Russia and Germany.

This should keep you busy! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday Reading And Link Love

Weekend is upon us and today I wanted to share some things with you I personally think worth the time for you to check out. Some of this might help you with your blogging, some I hope will make you think and some will probably generate controversy!

  • Getting Deliberate With Twitter guest post on Jack Humphrey blog is something worth reading if you are just getting started with Twitter.
  • Twitter Giveaway – Acer Aspire Netbook (and more)4 days left for you to enter this event run by Michelle McPhearson! Do you like freebies? Well, here is your chance!
  • Blog Post Automator – not exactly a reading but a WordPress plugin that allows you automate posting of PLR content to your blog. Simplest to use, install and most effective solution that doesn’t rely on third party script! Love it! Hope you check it out.
  • The Obama Deception – video on YouTube. I’m not into conspiracy theory and while this video has Obama’s name in – I think it is extremely controversial and must see no matter your color: Democrat, Republican or Independent like myself. It is scary in a way that it hits so close and resonates so much with my own thinking. If you live in USA – time to think is NOW!

that is all I’m going to share and as always your comments are welcome and appreciated!

Are Bloggers Permitted To Have Days Off?

This is one question that is perhaps while incorrectly phrased but still something that is been lingering in my mind …

Can you take a weekend off without loosing your audience?

I generally try to program at least one post to go live on weekend to retain the consistence of posting but like this extended weekend I failed to follow through.

Finding Content for Your Blog in Unexpected Places

I read many blogs on daily bases via RSS feed in my Google reader and some articles or combinations of them become the base for my next blog post while others help me identify an issue I can build my tutorial on.

Uniqueness of Content is the most crucial part of you blog and while all great blogs have it present I have just finished reading a great post that can be used as direct example how to turn a story from your life into content directly related to your niche.


Friday Link Galore – Posts I Read and Love

While it might seems like I’m neglecting my blog – its not. After releasing beta of my product Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed to a testers group I have received such a great feedback on improving it and fixing some small issues –I’ve been hard at work.

The goal is to produce a package that will truly be accessible to anyone – no matter the technical knowledge or marketing experience. While there might not be much from marketing perspective for the people doing Internet Marketing for a while – simplicity of setup and ability to quickly setup a network of profitable blogs using my system still will be appreciated by many.

And without going too deep into my work I wanted to share some posts that has got my attention and are well worth spending a few minutes to read them!