How to Find New Themes for Your WordPress Blog

What messages does your brand communicate to customers?  Do they relate to products, services, and company commitment to customer service?  Those sentiments planned as well as others, but how are you going to present them to your targeted market?

Consider two, competing newspapers, covering the same story.  How can one attract more attention and readers?  Presentation is extremely important.   Bloggers understand the similarities and the need for eye-catching presentation.  A number of WordPress themes help bloggers frame content in specific and aesthetic fashions, using a barrage of designs and functions.


10 WordPress Themes That Dazzle With Unique Design

Ability to change the look and feel of your blog by simply installing new template is one of the greatest features of WordPress blog and today I want to share 10 WordPress themes that stand out from the rest due to Unique design.

Spring cleaning for the web quite often involves changing your presentation and re-thinking goals your blog is set to achieve. I simply want to help you take advantage of Free WordPress templates you can use to truly separate yourself from the rest!


Free WordPress Templates Galore

It seems that no matter how much you write about free WordPress templates – choices infinitely expanding and new offers come in. And knowing the constant need of every blogger to “spruce it up” by modifying the look of their blog I want to offer a quick collections of great free WordPress themes I have found lately.

You decide if these themes fit your need or not but I liked them for one reason or another, although I didn’t test them. My need of customizing doesn’t stretch that far 😎 . Dig in!


Flexibility – WordPress Design Made Simple

WordPress theme is what determines look and feel of your blog and finding that “unique look” can be quite difficult or quite expensive! Flexibility WordPress Theme has just changed the playing field. Quote:

Your blog is an extension of you. Your thoughts, your ideas, your creativity…

Flexibility Theme gives you the creative power to break free from the restrictions of other WordPress themes. Easily create a dynamic, eye-catching theme without needing any knowledge of the code that runs WordPress. Control almost every aspect of your blog and get CREATIVE!

Read more for details or visit the author…


10 Best Web 2.0 WordPress Themes

Blogging is all about displaying your personality and nothing say it as loud as a great looking theme. In this post I want to cover what in my personal opinion are 10 best web 2.0 WordPress themes.

While this is just my personal opinion I’m guided by several factors: look and feel of the theme, quality of coding and support of the theme by the author (theme needs to be compatible with latest versions of the blog core) …


WordPress 2.2 Theme Release – FH-Freedom-Reloaded

fh-reloaded1.jpgFH-Freedom-Reloaded is a re-work and modification of “FH Freedom blue 0.2” theme released by Frank Helmschrott. I was very impressed by the theme but have found that it was incompatible with WordPress 2.2 and widgets system integrated into new version. There was also an issue with many things being in German and some CSS issues.

To make story short – I have adopted the theme for one of my projects, fixed the functions to make it fully compatible with latest [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] release and modified columns layout and CSS styling to suit my needs. Unfortunately I have decided not to continue developing project it was intended for and since the theme is ready – I’m releasing it for your enjoyment.