Reinventing the Wheel, or My Return Online

return online solutions puzzle Over three years ago I fell off from online marketing scene due to family emergency. I kept my presence to a minimum, required to take care of couple income generating sites and keep contacts with some friends. All my social media accounts were killed either suspended or completely closed and lost.

“In this post I will document my plan to conquer and rule the world return to online marketing. Your prompt and direct financial contribution comments are welcome.”

So the big question I’m faced with right now, is the same one many of my customers had. Finding an answer puts me into a quite beneficial position…

How To Make My Minimal Online Presence Profitable?

Luckily my experience tells me that what was lost – can actually become a gain! It gives me a fresh perspective, while I keep my expertize and authority knowledge and skills. A unique opportunity to “reinvent the wheel”! And if you are interested how – continue to read…