A2 Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts

a2-wordpress-hostingA2 Hosting just announced its one of the biggest salesĀ of the year:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts!

As all good things do – this promotion has some limitations and if you are looking for a new and good host for your site or WordPress blog, you need to make sure you act within those limitations.

So without any further delays, here is the deal!

Black Friday Discounts:

The following discounts will run between 11/24-12/2:

  • Shared Hosting – 67% off with code: BFCM67
  • Managed and Core VPS Hosting – 50% off with code: MANVPS50
  • Reseller Hosting – 40% off with code: RESELL40

Cyber Monday Discount:

The following discount will run on 11/28 only:

  • Sprint Dedicated Server (Unmanaged, Core and Managed) – 25% off with code: SPRINT25

And here is the best part – all discount codes will be applied automatically to your order, as long as you proceed with purchase of defined hosting plan during the specific dates! So don’t delay – get your own hosting now!

Click Here to get A2 Hosting Discount

WPCornerPeel Plugin Video Tutorial And Review

WPCorenrPeel plugin is an excellent choice for WordPress bloggers who are searching for a way to monetize their blogs without annoying customers. In this short post I will provide a video tutorial and demonstration of the plugin, functionality it provides and why you should consider adding it to your toolbox.

Watch the video below…


Beware Of HostICan Hosting

08/03/2010 Update: HostIcan refund issue has been resolved with full refund provided by Mr. Denis Motova. He called me in addition to replying to my last email and leaving comment on this blog and has apologized for the “inter department” screw up. According to him problem was within Billing department and he was away during the last leg of communications I have attempted – hence I got no answer and issue quickly escalated. Because full refund provided I’m crossing out statements within this blog post that no longer hold true and providing update and resolution at the end of time line.

I still don’t think that getting a simple refund should be such a frustrating and time consuming process and has to escalate to the point it did

Original Blog Post Content with Edits and Notes:

HostICan VPS and shared hosting provides seemingly great value and since 2008 I was their happy customer, that is until I became a victim of consumer fraud when I have decided to take advantage of their “No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee”.

I was actually quite surprised to discover that culture of defrauding the customer is something that appears to be encouraged by the company owner Mr. Denis Motova himself (Mr. Motova called me personally and advised me that he was out of town). This blog post will contain detailed information and personal opinion so you can decide for yourself if you decide to give your money to HostICan or perhaps look elsewhere…


Income Fitness Review

Income Fitness by Barbara Ling is one eBook I have read lately that answers one of the biggest questions I get from multiple people:

How does one start with building online business if there are not readily available cash or knowledge?

While it has enough information to keep even a person experienced in many aspects of Internet Marketing interested in finishing reading it – it truly shines if you are totally new to the entire scene and quite frankly lost in all the talk, hype and promises! In fact I think it is directly answers a question submitted by one of my readers:


Sounds like you? Read on than…


When “Good Practice” is Bad Investment?

31 days to build a better blogThis weekend I have finished my reading of Darren Rowse eBook31 Days To Build a Better Blog“. All 94 pages of it! To say that it contains great information would be unfair understatement! eBook is a great resource for any blogger, no matter which platform you are using as it deals with general concepts that will apply to any platform and action steps that will work for ANY blog. So the question is then – why did I title this post:

When “Good Practice” is Bad Investment?

Right? Excellent point!

So there I was, seating… reading… agreeing…

Right up until I got to Day 27 (yes, entire ebook is a compilation of Blog Posts by Darren that was used in project with same name) – Hunt for Dead Links [Day 27: 31DBBB].