Mastering PLR Simulcast With Doug Champigny Part 2

Mastering PLR simulcast with Doug Champigny, The PLR Master was quite well received but unfortunately we had more questions than we had time. Due to that limitation we had to stop the call and schedule follow up.

What we didn’t have time to discuss last Wednesday will be uncovered tonight! And only if you participate in live call you can access that info for free:

The Mastering PLR Simulcast – Part Two
Wednesday, September 3rd at 8:00pm Eastern

Join us and start benefiting! Be sure to ask your questions using form available on the page. Get started!

Help Me To Get You The Answers You Need

Mark your calendar:

Wednesday, August 27 at 8 PM EST

I’ll be doing teleseminar with Doug Champigny “Mastering PLR. I have negotiated with Doug to make this event absolutely free to my friends, subscribers and readers and I want you to understand the true value of this fact. Doug and Terry Champigny are the Top Experts on subject of PLR and I view them as an Authority in the field that can have direct impact on your future!

My goal is to help you on the path of profits using the power of PLR products. Power that 90% of the people fail to realize and 99% fail to use properly. I will be sure to “interrogate” Doug on what I see as most appropriate but I need your help!


Blogging Traffic Tips Webinar Video

This is a very short post that is nothing more then place holder for the Blogging Traffic Tips Webinar recording from last night. And my special thanks to everyone who took the time to attend and ask me questions during the short time we had.

I can only hope I have delivered the value people were expecting but you be the one to judge!