5 Tools to Make Your Webinar or Virtual Classroom A Success

The rise of the Internet ensures businesses and educational programs alike want to take advantage of unique remote collaboration opportunities. To use the online training advantage to its full potential, here are some tools that will make your task exponentially easier.


In spite of recent changes and a merger with Microsoft, Skype still reigns supreme as the go-to instant messaging, voice, and video chat application. Skype has many different plans and features, so select the one that will meet your needs. Paid business accounts can create conference calls with up to 250 people. The user interface is very friendly as well: just create an account, add other users to a call, and start chatting. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux-based operating systems, there is a reason Skype is the number one way people keep in touch across the world.


Blogging With Expert WordPress Webinar Replay

By a popular demand I’m posting a Video recording replay of the Free Webinar we held last night “Blogging With Expert WordPress“.

I’m not going to dive too deep into details on what being said, just want the video if you are interested. It is about 65 minutes of presentation followed by Q&A Session:


Webinar Recording Available For Download

While I know my opinion is biased – I think we had a great webinar this past Tuesday. And while it was designed to not only deliver content but also to offer my product, which I believe to be superb to any other in most aspects, it can be a great listen even if you are already member.

Over an hour of content delivered, which was designed to accomplish 2 things:

  • Continue with a Webinar series building on previously recorded and available session
  • Provide a content structured to answer great many questions I have received from people as part of registration process.

And then we followed it up with almost an hour of Q&A session, small part of which was recorded. Only my answers to questions asked before webinar, in case if you didn’t make it. You can download and watch both Expert WordPress Webinar Sessions here. Just scroll to Additional Training.

I build it as Series to provide an continues stream of free information! Feel free to comment on it!

Join Me On June 2nd On Free Webinar

I want to invite you, my reader to join me for a Blogging Webinar on June 2nd at 7 PM US Eastern. While the webinar itself does have a predefined structure and a planned presentation based on multiple queries I get – I want to open a floor for questions.

Your Questions!

Simply go through the process of registration and you will be presented with an opportunity to send me a question you want to be answered. I have scheduled a full two hours to ensure I will get to all your important questions!

If you would like to see an example – you can watch recording of the previous session on this page and if you are reading this post later then June 2nd – go ahead and proceed with registration still! I plan to make this regular part of my online business and you get to benefit by getting your answers direct.

Building Your Audience With Blogs Teleseminar

Want to learn how to build your audience using a blog? Don’t we all…

Reality is that it is not as hard as it might seems and applying a few small changes to your existing process can go long way toward getting your goal accomplished – Build Audience! Diane Corriette will be asking me all the right questions on:

Tuesday, September 16th at 5 PM EST

Join us for a teleseminar orginized by Diane: “Building Your Audience With Blogs” Have you own questions? Submit them while you can and than listen to the call.