Winning Components Of A Squeeze Page

squeeze pageSqueeze pages are the bread and butter of today’s Internet marketers. They are responsible for billions of dollars of sales. A great squeeze page can make you a lot of money, whereas a poorly written and designed one will leave you wondering what went wrong.

You don’t have to be a kick ass copywriter to craft compelling sales copy. Having said this, you do need some idea of what makes people tick; why do they act the way they do; what colors make them reach for the credit card; and what font is reaching their subconscious?


Are You Stuck For Content Creation Ideas?

content creation ideasAny blogger who actively publishes content to his site has most likely experienced the dreaded “stuck for ideas” moment. I know I have. I prefer to be told what to write about because I can focus on the request at hand rather than having to come up with an idea. Trying to think of something to write about always throws up the next question: “What if it isn’t what the readers want?”

The information age is a curse in disguise

The first problem we all face is the fact that the information we publish is rarely unique in the sense of having never been published before. Unless of course you invent something new. Just about anything you publish online has in some form been published elsewhere – of course you are trying to spin it with your own unique voice, therefore avoiding any duplicate content issues. (more…)

Protect Your Blog Copyrights

A few days ago one of my customers have submitted the ticket with questions that go beyond normal product support we offer. And while I have provided a simple answer – I have to admit that on second review of my answer – I wasn’t happy with it!


That answer wasn’t exactly what my customer was looking for and not something I was personally satisfied with. My apologies to Xavier and since “Identifying Content Uniqueness” is rather common question – I want to give detailed answer in form of post.


Create Blog Content That Sucks In AdSense Cash – Get More From Those Clicks

If AdSense cash plays a role in your blog monetization model then you absolutely must know how to create content that pulls more expensive ads. When you write your blog you already trying to integrate your more important keywords into each of your posts (I do hope you do so), but why earn pennies when you can pull some real cash?

I don’t use AdSense on my blog as you can see but in this post I will show you completely “white hat” method to discover What Keywords will pull most expensive ads into your content and share a free tool you can use to discover them in a matter of minutes. This very same technique can be easily used for a profitable niche research if you are in that stage of your market research.

Know What Keywords Pay Well Before You Create ANY Content In ANY Niche Market!


Free Copyrighting Lesson – Podcast

The art of [tag-tec]copyrighting[/tag-tec] is becoming more and more important on internet as people become accustomed and tired of long sales pitches and overly hyped writing style. But how do you overcome any objections and deliver your message in short format and still generate sales for your online business?

Well, I’m no copyrighting guru but am learning and doing my best but I offer you to learn instead from the pro. Over 1 hour podcast training with one of the recognized copyrighters – Shaune Clarke.