Blogging Frequency: A guide

We all know that blogging is important whether it is for a small business, a big corporation or the individual online marketer that is looking to make a living off his blog. The question is how often to blog. Is there a clear rule for this? Personally I don’t think so and it will all depend on some personal taste and requirements. Below I will list some factors will influence your blogging frequency and I hope that it will help you take the best decision.


7 Tips To Be A Great Leader

how to be a great leaderSome people are born leaders, whilst others have to work much harder at it. Regardless of whether you are new into management at work, lead a team of Web Warriors, or whether you have just been made the captain of your local football team, these tips should help you become a great leader.


Happy 4th Of July!

Today we celebrate 4th of July and I simply wanted to extend my wishes of happy holidays to everyone who lives in United States.

Please be safe, use designated drivers if you choose to drink and enjoy your holiday!

5 Free Online Storage Backup Services

free online backup servicesIf you want peace of mind when handling your computer files you absolutely must backup your work every now and then. Preferably every day.

Buying an external hard drive is really no big deal these days as you can pick up a 250GB drive for less than $100 in most places.

But if money is an issue for you, then the following 5 online cloud servers will allow you to back up your data, and sleep better at night.


Boost Traffic With Facebook

facebookAre you on Facebook? You should be. Despite the stigma Facebook has as being a social networking sites for school kids it is a powerful ally for your marketing arsenal. Facebook is being utilized by online marketers young and old, and for you to benefit from the same you need be there.


Eben Says: “Focus on Solutions”

focus on solutionsI usually avoid watching videos online because they have this habit of stealing essential time during my working hours. Since every Tom, Dick & Harry publishes videos these days it is hard to avoid them. I’m a lover of the visual, I love reading content, rather than watching a video because it keeps me glued to my laptop. But that’s just me…