Money is in the list – statement you hear pretty much as soon as you take a dive into Internet Marketing. It is considered to be the most valued asset of any marketer and success is more often then not evaluated by the size and quality of the list. And here by quality I mean response rate to emails. How well emails opened and advice acted on by clicking.

I’m not going to talk in this post about quality of information, moral issues involved with email marketing or the quality of emails that go to subscribers. There is plenty of info on the topic that I don’t feel I need to cover it. What I want to talk about is how people encouraged to subscribe. What has become known as Squeeze Page will be the theme of this article and how we miss the obvious …

Overused Concept Is Failing To Work

Because email marketing been used and abused – many people get more and more cautious when giving email address in exchange for whatever information was promised. People are become more and more accustomed to the standard form of squeeze page where in exchange for your email you are promised a download of product, access to private information etc. It is becoming harder and harder to convince people to give their email address.

But as market changes so do the “Squeeze Pages”. It is becoming more and more common to use video (yep, I use it too), audio, provide access to more and more valuable information that previously was only available as paid content. With many other forms of marketing used to compete for you email address and your permission to send you the info design of the “Squeeze Page” becomes one of the deciding factors and believe me – it is an art in itself!

And Yet, Best Opportunity Missed By Many …

Here is the kicker – one of the most obvious forms of “Squeeze Pages” is completely overlooked by many – Your Blog! Your blog is your number one asset in building credibility and establishing yourself. When people arrive to your pages they see exactly what type of information provided and as long as your subscription directly related to the theme of your blog – people know exactly what they can expect from you.

A person already had a chance to evaluate quality of information you deliver, decide if they like it or not and it is only natural to offer subscription. While you can easily accomplish very same effect using a more traditional Squeeze Page, my personal results show that people subscribing from my blog unsubscribe a lot less. My opinion that this is due to the fact they KNEW exactly what I will be delivering and not just subscribing to download another freebie.

I love to send people who subscribed excerpts from my best blogs posts in addition to some marketing offers that directly relate to my blog theme (providing relevance) and evaluated by me. If it helps personally me – why not to extend same offer to people who already found your information useful? So in this case email list serves double purpose – keeps people updated on latest info and extend offers in many cases not available even on the blog. A win-win situation that leads to a higher open and click through rate in my mailings and benefits my subscribers by providing convenience of getting info they need and offers they might be interested in.

Improving Subscription Rate by Over 50% …

But your offer has to be clearly visible. Just as with regular Squeeze Pages, design of your subscription form has to be visually pleasing, professionally looking and attention grabbing. I have to admit that even with my years of work with Photoshop (although that work can be only considered as a occasional hobby) designing something of that nature requires more knowledge then I could master.

And yet … if you will notice I got a brand new and very nice looking subscription form. And no … I didn’t have to hire any pro to get it done. Graphic designers tend to be expensive or at least designers that can do the job right. Well I managed to score and for just $37 got myself a set of great looking Squeeze Pages as well as subscription forms. One of the examples is in my sidebar.

And here is the deal for you – you can have 2 of the designs absolutely free. Just register and get your 2 great looking Squeeze Pages and if you need more – consider the OTO that will be presented to you. I chose to upgrade to the full paid version but that is my personal decision. I simply thought that value for the dollar was incredible and as such couldn’t afford to miss the deal. Pro designers cost too much now days …

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