With upcoming release of WordPress 2.5 which introduces some large changes to administrative backend I thought it was appropriate to share my personal WordPress Wish List.

I know it will be largely ignored but hey – let the guy share the dream… Cool

In creating this list I was guided by my personal experience that comes from working with multiple Content Management Systems and support I provide to my customers and readers of this blog. I still believe that WordPress is unprecedented in its flexibility and customization but I think there are a few things that could be mentioned on administrative side, so here goes my WordPress Wish List:

1. Built-in Backup Option

I know there are some third party plugins that do the job nicely but having first hand experience with disaster some of them create I would love to have the comfort of knowing that Backup is part of the core and supported by very same talented team that develops it.

Call it a comfort cushion if you like but I think Database Backup should be integral part of the WordPress.

2. Built-in Core Update Option

This one is probably too much to ask but I don’t think its impossible. WordPress is one of the most supported platforms and releases updates quite frequently, which creates an administrative nightmare for bloggers who have several blogs and have to scramble to keep the up to date.

Obviously some safeguards will have to be built in if this option is ever provided but if it becomes available – it will make WordPress a MUCH more deployed platform. As it stands right now – frequent upgrades is one of the biggest gripes I have found against the system.

3. One Click Plugins Install from Admin Interface

This one will probably not get much interest from developers but I base it on excellent system that Typo3 CMS uses that allows you from Extensions module to search and locate appropriate plugins in central repository and install them if the fit your needs.

You can select that ONLY plugins compatible with current core are available for install to provide that safety net many bloggers need.

4. Built-in Plugins Upgrade

And here I’m only talking about plugins that are already in central repository and we get notifications when new version is available. Hey – if we can get notified – why can’t we be provided with option to upgrade.

I think this one might require setting more strict guidelines on plugins design to ensure they don’t break the system once new version becomes available and perhaps more strict requirement on testing them. It might limit our choices to some extent but I think this option will ensure that only the best and most supported plugins make it to your blog.

Obviously an option to install “less supported” plugins will still exist but then people who decide to use them will do so at their own risk.

5. Themes…

This one is a biggie since theme is what defines the look and feel of our blogs and also helps us to create a unique presence on the net. My personal wish to this one would be an option to install a theme with once click once you provide the location of the file.

Kind of like what OneClick install plugin does right now. And the reason I don’t personally want the theme choices to be part of the core is because I like the freedom with this one Smile. I do think that Themes Marketplace would be extremely useful addition to allow bloggers Not Only get free themes but perhaps purchase a better quality themes at a reasonable price.

While $80-$100 might not seem like much to professional bloggers for well supported and developed theme I think there is a room for $10-$15 themes marketplace. Many bloggers write for fun and joy and simply can’t shell out the price for premium while still would like the quality.

These are just my personal thoughts and my WordPress Wish List. I would love to hear your opinion! Perhaps if enough of us chime in – we get the attention Cool