I love it when I can re-purpose a plugin designed for one thing and benefit with it in multiple ways! And as such I want to share with you a WordPress SEO pluginSEO Smart Links and how to use it for effective affiliate marketing.

I’m a long time supporter of aLinks plugin and still include it as part of the Expert WordPress installer that you can download for free. Unfortunately owner of the plugin Sean stopped supporting it and I see a time when it will stop working due to some changed that I’m sure will be introduced sooner or later in WordPress core.

What is even more – you can’t download aLinks anymore and as such – I want to offer an alternative WordPress SEO plugin that can also be used for Affiliate Marketing!

SEO Smart Links

Created by Vladimir Prelovac, author of the Amazing Grace and Blue Grace themes and an SEO consultant this plugin is extremely effective in its simplicity! It does one thing and does it well:

Finds Key phrases you Defined and turns them into Links You Want!

And the simplicity of the plugin is what I like as you don’t need to know much about SEO or linking, all you have to do is define what keywords you want to link to what pages.

Setup is very simple and I will not go into details but I do want to show how simple it is to create the links you need:


As you can see all I had to do is defined what keywords will link to what URL and then specify maximum number of links per post and how many times each individual key phrase can be linked on a single post.


How To Use It For Affiliate Marketing?

I personally like the ClickBank products for affiliate marketing due to high commission percentage you get from sale! And now that CB created a masked affiliate links it because very simple to mask you ID to prevent to some small extent commission theft that CB is been plagued by.

All I had to do is search ClickBank Marketplace for a product with highest gravity for a keyword I want – in my case “SEO” and then create hoplink:


Once I have provided my affiliate nickname and Tracking ID (it is important that you track your efforts) I created masked affiliate link I can use:


All that is left is got back to Admin->Settings->SEO Smart Links and define to link:

seo, http://718242-ahb4oqnblqno7216o67.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=SEOPOST

And this way keyword SEO will be auto linked to the ClickBank product with my affiliate link. Nice huh?

Go implement it now πŸ™‚