wordpress security logoWhile getting ready yesterday for a webinar we held for our subscribers I did a bit of research and was quite amazed by results. News search for “wordpress” in Google has produced majority of results talking about WordPress security and latest hack that many reputable hosts experienced.

What makes it even more interesting to me is that MOST of the problems people have experienced could have been easily avoided! Today I will once again share my own method for creating an overall defense perimeter to ensure that your blog will be as secure as possible while still retaining functionality!

While WordPress seem to take the front stage with latest massive hack attack, as seen in screen shot below

wordpress security in Google News

…I think it is important to note that this hack attack is also impacting other scripts and as reported – WordPress actually gets infected as result of attack against other scripts. I’m not going to recite all the gory details on this one as there are couple great blogs that already do the event tracking as well as providing you with solutions, IF your blog fell victim to one of the forms of attacks:

  • Sucuri Security – official blog for Sucuri Security labs and provides you with a lot of technical info as well as solutions
  • WPSecurityLock – blog dedicated to WordPress security and managed by very knowledgeable blogggers. Highly recommended for anyone conscious of their blog well being or perhaps knowing details on what happened. NOTE:  If your blog was already impacted and you are in desperate need for cleanup, they provide a service for extremely reasonable fee, just click on Services Navigational Tab!

And what if you haven’t been impacted by latest scare and would like to MAKE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY SURE that it will not happen to you, or if it does – you will be able easily recover it?

Answer is actually extremely simple and will involve a shameless self promotion! But it is because I KNOW that if you have followed instructions I provide in my free informational post “Triple “P” Of Total WordPress Security” and created a complete defense for your blog – you would be if not 100% protected, at least be notified quickly when attack happened against your blog and KNOW exact files you would have to cleanup, recover in order to restore your blog to full glory!

And if you prefer a more visual guidance – my FREE DVD – Lock Your Blog is still available! Just pay shipping and handling and get access to physical DVD order form as well as instant access to digital streaming version of entire DVD. Yeah, we do ask that you pay for shipping and handling but we have to cover our shipping expenses as well as S3 storage and bandwidth expenses.

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