I love how WordPress can be changed or modified by simply adding a small piece of code… but if you have been reading my blog for a while, it’s not a news to you ๐Ÿ˜† . WordPress plugins are what make it possible and as long as author willing to support those plugins and continue to develop them as the core evolves – they can greatly enhance your blog functionality.

And in this post I want to talk about 3 plugins I have run into recently that will make your job as blogger a lot simpler and in some cases – MORE PROFITABLE! So dig in and grab the goodies!

It is not a secret that tabbed sections on your blog help you better utilize the space. It is one of the most requested functionalities in themes and until now it required either manual hacking, like I have explained in my previous post WordPress Guide – Customizing Your Theme Part 3, or using brand new plugin that was recently released…

Tabbed Widgets Plugin

Tabbed Widgets plugin was released as part of WordPress plugins competition and should greatly simplify the process of adding nice tabbed widgets to your blog. Plugin creates tabbed widgets in Classic and Accordion format and gives you the freedom to use how you like it, see image below:

…installation and configuration are quite simple and nicely described by the author so I have no intent to repeat it – just go read the details and grab your Tabbed Widgets plugin if you like it!

WP125: Easy 125ร—125 Ad Management For WordPress

As more and more bloggers switch to directly selling banner ads from their blogs – they run into predicament of having a hard time to mange those ads. I know because I have to keep a spreadsheet and set reminders for myself to deal with this issue.

Well, looks like solution is here: WP125: Easy 125ร—125 Ad Management For WordPress addresses the issue quite nicely and gives us all the options we need. Here is quote from author blog:

Features include:

  • One or two column ad display, and support through template tags to implement your own unconventional design.
  • Show as many ads as you want, and in either manual or random order
  • Keep track of how many times an ad is clicked
  • When creating a new ad, you donโ€™t have to calculate the end date yourself. Just input how many days you wish the ad to run for, and the correct date will be applied. The ad will be automatically taken down when the time comes.
  • When an ad run is over, the record is archived on the Inactive ads screen, so you can check on the final click count, or revive the ad for another run.

Save yourself time and frustration and grab the plugin from the author blog!


Calendar plugin addresses one issue I had with WordPress – lack of calendar that can be used to provide list of scheduled events that make a WordPress a truly community portal! It comes with many features I like and expect to see from the script and here is the list from the plugin page:


  • Monthly view of events
  • Mouse-over details for each event
  • Events can have a timestamp (optional)
  • Events can display their author (optional)
  • Events can span more than one day
  • Multiple events per day possible
  • Events can repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Repeats can occur indefinitely or a limited number of times
  • Easy to use events manager in admin dashboard
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show todays events
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show upcoming events
  • Comprehensive options panel for admin
  • Modifiable CSS using the options panel
  • Optional drop down boxes to quickly change month and year
  • User groups other than admin can be permitted to manage events
  • Events can be placed into categories
  • Categories system can be switched on or off
  • Pop up javascript calendars help the choosing of dates
  • Events can be links pointing to a location of your choice

One plugin I’ll be installing on one of my niche blogs that really needed it! Visit the page for nice screenshots and detailed explanations!