bounce-rateCongratulations! You have finally managed to master SEO, social media marketing, article marketing and whatever other traffic generation methods you might be using. You are getting floods of new people coming to read your blog…

But Have You Ever heard about so-calledbounce rate?

And yes, I used that picture on purpose to show you just how happy your newly acquired visitors to click that “Back” button or simply close the window they are using to read your blog post or page….


You Give Them a Reason to Stay!

Luckily, as WordPress blogger you have quite an arsenal over your competitors who (out of sheer stubbornness, I assume) using different blogging platform.

By simply adding a few plugins you can deploy two of the most effective strategies to draw your new visitors into your blog content: Related Posts and Popular Posts.

So this entire blog post I want to dedicate to sharing information on plugins that will allow you do display content that will turn your visitors into readers! And because you have multiple options here – I will only present those that have the functionality and support you need. Just pick what fits your needs best!

WordPress Popular Posts Plugins Popular Posts

This plugin relies on stats provided by Stats plugin that you either have already installed or willing to install. You can simply add it as a widget into your sidebar or take advantage of quite extensive options to integrate it into your WordPress theme. Does require coding knowledge or at least basic understanding of WP Queries.

WordPress Popular Posts

Similar to above but this one uses its own stats and doesn’t require any other plugins to use. I personally already have stats installed and for me the first one was a great option but for many bloggers this plugins might be a better choice.

This plugin is also VERY configurable and has more options for presenting your content that most others.

Recently Popular

While I generally don’t like to recommend plugins that are below 1.0 version this one allows for some very interesting functionality, especially for busy blogs and I thought I would share it.

It allows you to show popular posts from specific time periods, for example last 7 days, last 15 days, etc. It opens possibilities to provide not only relevant popular content but also timely! Should be interesting to see it on blogs that use primary Social Networks as source of traffic!

Most Commented Widget

Allows you to simply display posts with most comments. Draw people into conversation! We are all social creatures and seeing what others are talking about does draw our attention.

GD Star Rating

This plugin take approach of allowing visitors to rate the post and than display results in many ways. Comes with many configuration options and kind of like a Swiss army knife of a plugin. I do think that you need to have a blog with very active community that is constantly taking action and rates your posts in order to get the correct output.

I think for many blogs in process of being developed this one might be a bit of overkill.

WordPress Related Posts Plugins

Simple Tags

While this plugin does heck of a lot more than displaying related posts – it is one of the functions provided by plugin and I use it on this blog quite nicely. It is stable, well supported and proven to work hence I want to recommend it.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

I have also used this plugin and quite impressed with what it provides while keeping small code footprint on your blog. Allows you to display contextually related posts based on Title, tags, or few other configuration options. Could be a great choice for you if this functionality is not implemented on your blog.

Where Did They Go From Here

Another plugin used on this blog and based on stats – loved by people. Its functionality is quite simple – it tracks where people who read the post clicked next on your blog and then shows those posts in form of list.

Very effective way to show what other people are reading on your blog and entice them to move in deeper.


While there are multitude of plugins available for any functionality I have picked those I personally used and like what they do or those I found providing great functionality and appears to have support for latest version of the WordPress as well as ongoing development.

Enjoy and Share Your Own Favorites!