WordPress Multilingual options were quite limited compared to other CMS (Content Management Systems) I have used, until now. Using WMPL WordPress translation plugin you can easily translate your blog pages and posts using proper native language.


While WordPress allows you to install blog with support for a specific language it doesn’t permit by default a proper translation of the pages and posts and third party intervention is required to do it correctly.  I know there are plugins and even scripts, such as one used on this blog to allow “machine translation”, it’s far from perfect. I know because I read my own blog in Russian version and its pretty bad…

WordPress Multilingual (WPML) Translation Plugin Options

WPML plugin is released as open source and you can install it using standard WordPress repository manually or by simply searching for term: WPML Multilingual CMS and installing it directly from your blog admin interface.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in order for your visitors to be able to switch language you have to integrate it into your theme but luckily developers provided quite a nice tutorial on how to get it done.

Once you complete the step you need to configure plugin to support languages your want to use on your blog and a few other options and then just add the Versions of the page in your editor.

2 Ways To Translate WordPress Content

This is the part where ingenuity of the developers shined through in my opinion. Once your plugin installed you have an options to:

  1. Translate all the content yourself or..
  2. Use a professional certified translators to do it for you. Second option might be most appropriate for business owners who have presence in multiple markets and don’t have the time to deal with translation themselves or perhaps just don’t have the time or skills required.

Plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate translation process into ICanLocalize Translation Services. Instead of wasting your time trying to find qualified translators on multiple freelancing sites and then having to deal with copy/paste your content from and to blog – you can just pick a previously pre-screened and pre-qualified professional.

They will do all the work for you and once completed – pages or posts will be added to your blog with no extra work on your part, properly formatted and ready for publishing.

I’m not going to go into too many details as WPML site has excellent videos you can view that describe the entire process.


Whichever option you choose – WPML WordPress CMS plugin provides a long overdue option to create a true Multilingual WordPress site easily and inexpensively, if you choose to use professional translation by ICanLocalize.

Let me know what you think!