In last few weeks I have noticed increased WordPress hack attacks against administrative login across multiple blogs we maintain and manage.  Interestingly enough, this hack is not new, in fact I have published post in June 2011 that shows simple video on how WordPress blog can be hacked in minutes. In fact that post is been gaining popularity lately, see the stats from yesterday,  WordPress hack phrase in some combination at the top of searches that brought people to my blog:

wordpress hack searches

I guess the increase can be attributed to popularity of the WordPress as publishing platform that helps its adoption, in many cases by people who have no clue how to take basic steps to protect their WordPress blog. If you are not sure how well protected your blog, please read the WordPress security guide I have published on this blog, I guarantee you it will save you time and money, as it is expensive to hire someone to fix your blog and recover it from hack!

But let’s look into some details of what I’m seeing…

As popular saying goes – picture is worth hundreds words..

WordPress hack Attempts Stats

This image is from the blog you are currently reading and reflects statistics from last couple month:

wordpress hack attacks

But looking at my logs on other, less visited blogs I still see an increase in hack attempts:

wordpress hack attempts

limit login attempts stats

I obviously use a plugin Limit Login Attempts that prevents these type of attacks and actually locks out the attackers but if you have failed to implement something similar – you might not even know that you are under attack! Most of the attacks I see either try to use admin or some of the other “popular” defaults people use that makes it easy to guess, see image below:

wordpress hack login

Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hack Attacks

I can’t stress enough importance of taking proper steps to protect your blog and alone with my partner we have created site that teaches you step-by-step and absolutely free how to secure your blog without compromising functionality or performance.

While it is not absolute security – it protects us and our own blog network well and prevents headaches associated with compromised blogs. Evaluate what and how you publish and access Lock your Blog training free!