Ability to add forums to your WordPress blog gives you powerful options to extending your community. In my earlier post “WordPress Forums Plugins To Build Community” I have described couple different ways you can easily carry out that and today I want to expand on the topic by introducing new option:

Simple:Press Forum WordPress Plugin

Sometimes it is quite astonishing to see the quality of work coders release for WordPress in form of the plugins and this one fits the description perfectly!

Plugin is features rich and quite advanced and while I could recite them all here on this page, I don’t see the need, as it might change as plugin develops. Simply visit their features page to see all that is included.

Word of caution: plugin fully integrates into your blog and relies on your WordPress native user registration system. Great for simplicity but if you decide to use the plugin, you will have to allow people register on your blog.

A few of the latest WordPress exploits were based on ability of attacker to create an account then exploit it using “unpatched” vulnerability! If you are using this plugin or any other plugins that allow user registrations on your blog – ALWAYS patch WordPress As Soon As Possible!

Security for you should become priority number 1.

And don’t be scared! Plugin is awesome if you are ready for extend your community and benefit from forums, now natively integrated into your blog!