Is your WordPress Blog Secure? Are you sure?

To many people discover too late that their blog is not as secure as it should have been with a very sad end results. In this post I want to share with you video demonstration of WordPress blog hacked in under 2 minutes:

If this would have been your blog – it can be quite expensive to remediate problem. I always advise my readers and customers on taking steps to avoid this, in fact my postΒ Triple “P” Of Total WordPress Security can provide you with all the answers you need. And if you think your blog is not popular enough – think again!

It does present smaller target but a target still. Here is just a quick screenshot of how many hack attempts were stopped on this blog.

wordpress hack attempts

And keep in mind – this is since last reset, which was done just couple months ago due to some maintenance.

Don’t Let Your WordPress Blog Be Hacked!

While there are many tools available to attack your blog, one used in this video is provided under GPL for penetration testing and although it requires some technical skills to install and use – it is not that difficult and unfortunately there are plenty of people with necessary skills.

So how do you avoid it? How do you protect yourself from this problem?

Answer is quite simple – Just use this FREE Guide, provided for your convenience:Β Triple “P” Of Total WordPress Security

Or if you are a visual learner – we also provide a video training that walks you through every steps, absolutely FREE:

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