Effective advertisement management on your blog is one of the more important aspects of earning as you only have limited space to sell. WordPress banner manager plugin I want to discuss today is actually quite a bit more…

  • It is a complete Ad Server that gives you full Control and Banner Placement flexibility
  • It is a solution that allows you to keep 100% of the income generated via sold ads
  • It is a marketplace for your blog, where advertisers can purchase ads on your blog directly

OIO Publisher is a plugin I will talk about AND I will give you a discount coupon to grab all that goodness! Just read on…

I have installed and been using OIO Publisher plugin for last few days and you can see the ads presented by it at the very top of my blog. Interestingly enough it gets more clicks than I expected so I decided to keep it and also share with my readers.

Major Features Of OIO Publisher

When I initially purchase the plugin I was simply looking for 2 things:

  1. Ability to offer ad space on my blog for sale in multiple formats that allowed me to keep all the income
  2. Tracking and accessibility

What I got with OIO Publisher was quite a bit more as it is a full Ad Server that can be used as stand alone or as a plugin for your WordPress blog. Documentation can be better if I may say so but its not so hard to figure it out!

  • Marketplace – unless your blog has a rabbit following and external interest like Darren Rowse does – you need a way to allow potential advertisers see what you have to offer. Plugin comes with an optional marketplace listing by manually reviewing your blog and providing you with API that gives advertisers access to purchase ad directly from marketplace. You still keep 100% of proceeds!
  • Templates – If you click on Advertise link you will see the template page generated by plugin that allows me to sell ads on my blog without much intervention from me while still been controlled. You can even place it on complete Autopilot, although I wouldn’t recommend it! While I love automation – I need to have control over what ads displayed on my blog and I have that option.
  • Multiple Ad Zones and Banner Types – this plugin supports them all and in some case more then most! You get the standard Banners of multiple sized, Text Ads that can be presented instead of AdSense or using something more custom like you see at the top of this blog but it also comes with couple Unique options:
    • Inline Ads – basically ads auto inserted into WordPress posts and can be images and text with you having complete control over the content
    • Intext Links – ever so popular option to buy a link from your blog post with linking from specific keyword! Well now you have a chance to sell those! HUGE opportunity here! I decided not to use them right now but its available!
  • Review Posts – you can also sell review posts directly from your blog. Just be absolutely sure you know what you are doing when using this option to avoid any penalties and legal proceeding as we seen before. I personally don’t use this option but once again – you have it available! One thing here comes to mind – you have an option to make Posts option available for FREE with submitter providing content – can be great option to use for getting Guest Posts! I’m looking into that option!
  • Multiple Payment Processing Options provided for you an should satisfy pretty much anyone. You can sell your ads easily and effectively – I do think only PayPal option allows you to set re-occurring purchase (subscription) but not 100% sure.
  • Tracking and Stats something you simply must have and this plugin delivers! Not only do you get standard web based stats – you can also set to email stats to your advertisers. This way they know they value they get for a dollar spent!
  • Modular Design of the plugin gives i flexibility to expand! It actually have a way for you to offer affiliate commissions for selling ads on your blog! how cool is that?! Not that I plan to use it but I have it available and it can be a great option if your blog is used to promote upcoming product lunch!

Functionality above are just some of the most important and interesting features of the OIO Publisher plugin that I have personally played around with and found to be beneficial.

There are minuses…

OIO Publisher Shortcomings

  • Documentation – one thing that can never be provided enough off and its true for any script. No matter how much you document things, you simply can;t cover everything. While plugin comes with guides – there could be more detailed instructions. I do have to add that you are also provided with support forums and in my experience Simon, plugin developer responded very fast to help request!
  • Requires Some Knowledge – you have to be able to understand and implement ad zones, perhaps even modify code in your WordPress templates to implement them. In my case I had to define new CSS class to style it properly. On upside to this – Inline Ads come to your rescue and allow auto insert the ads for you!

OIO Publisher May Discount

If I didn’t manage to scare you with complexity yet and you are still interested in OIO Publisher plugin I want to offer you a $10 Off it regular price of $47

OIO Publisher May Discount Coupon: INDIGO-39

Simply go to OIO Publisher sales page – proceed to checkout and when asked – provide the coupon code to get $10 off. That is it – one time purchase will give you access to extremely flexible WordPress banner management plugin!