Video Blog software doesn’t have to cost you a dime and in fact it should generate you income and that is exactly what you get with new Revver plugin for WordPress. With one simple install you get a complete Video Blog, which integrates your Revver account and your WordPress blog.

Why Revver? Several key things come to mind that make their service my absolute favorite when it comes to streaming videos hosted elsewhere …

  • Quality of their rendering software is far superior to YouTube or Google Video.
  • Length of video is not limited, it can be as long or as short as you like.
  • Only unique videos make the cut providing for a higher quality of videos present and each video is manually reviewed prior to been accepted.
  • Revver offers a revenue share for the ads that shown at the end of your video and get clicked. While it might not seem like much one of my videos generated over $2 over one weekend, will not make me rich but it is an income from video I would have published anyway! Can you say – FREE Money!

On September 28 Revver has released an awesome plugin for WordPress which enables you to turn your blog into ultimate Video Blog. Plugin integrates your Revver account seamlessly into WordPress and allows you to manage all aspects without ever leaving your blog’s admin interface.

Here are some of the features:

  • Complete video management from your blog. You can upload and add videos directly from your WordPress admin interface. You can edit every aspect of your video and update information. Full management of your existing video library.
  • Videos are completely integrated into your blog posts with no need to post any code, edit any aspects – just point and click. Integrated videos come with awesome options for sharing, getting its information as such introducing viral aspect build right into it. Video responses to your Video Post completely supported and automatically added!
  • Full revenue reporting and messaging from Revver account imported into your WordPress admin panel and easily accessible.
  • And last but not least – Subscribers Video! An awesome feature that makes WordPress a true Video Blog software. Once plugin installed you have an option to allow users subscribe to your video (requires allowing registration on your blog), once new use account is created – Revver auto creates a Revver account for them, so they can get your videos and upload their own from convenience of single login on your blog! Here is your chance to build a community around your very own Video Blog.

Revver plugin is most surely take the spot as one of the best plugins created for WordPress in last few month and one of the most innovative plugins that should be on a short list of every blogger thinking about building their own Video Blog for free.