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WordPress and Twitter integration is absolutely essential to your blogging efforts and unless you missed the last year – twitter is where it is happening now. Join and benefit or be left in the dust!

Goal of this article is to share how I integrate the WordPress and Twitter alone with other social media sites to get traffic, exposure and reach new readers and customers. While I have posted several times throughout the last year on the topic I didn’t engage it enough as I’m still learning and testing. What you will find here is a result of almost a year of constant usage, testing and designed to help you join the social revolution quickly and painlessly!

While your personal preferred plugins can be quite different – those I share here designed to integrate your WordPress and Twitter account and dive deep into social interaction as result. You will be amazed how beneficial it will be when done correctly!

Social Networks are 2 Way Conversation

And to take full advantage you have to ensure that your blog becomes seamless part of it. While there are dozens of plugins right now that are designed to help you do that – I only provide what I personally use and find working.

1. Posting to Social Networks and Twitter

I have seen multitude of methods used for this and idea here is simple – when you post a new blog post – it is automatically announced on Twitter and other social networks. From everything I have personally tried – best way to do it is through the service which does a heck of a lot more then just posting to Twitter.

It posts to about30+ social networks, free blog services and it can be done on autopilot! All you have to do is get a free account and then setup each service properly within the Don’t skip on the networks – if it exists – create an account and set it up in!

  • PingpressFM is a plugin I personally use and it fully integrates with my blogs and each time I do post – it submits it to the and auto publishes according to the preferences I have setup for each social network, including Twitter. Important thing here is to setup each service properly within the – so when setting up Twitter – be sure to specify to do ONLY micro-blogs, for ONLY blog posts, etc.
  • Tweet This plugin I use to add to each of my posts ability for existing Twitter users to tweet this post easily. It creates a nice short URL to the post and you can configure to add the the title and even description to the tweet – simplify the TWEET – get better results! While it states that last tested is 2.6.+ version – it works on my WordPress 2.7 with no issues.

2 plugins mentioned above allow me to accomplish 2 very important tasks – create an automated way to publish my posts to Twitter and also an EASY way for tweeter users to share my post.

2. Pulling My Tweets Into Blog

As I have mentioned – integration of social networks with your WordPress blog should follow the 2 way conversation model and giving your blog readers an easy way to see your tweets and get involved (subscribe to your tweets) is a MUST HAVE.

I have evaluated several plugins and one that I found works best by integrating with WP-Super-Cache and a slew of other plugins as well as been least processor intensive is…

  • Tweet You – functions as simple widget on your sidebar and uses ajax script to pull your latest tweets, which avoids an issue of displaying cached tweets from WP-Super-Cache and works like a charm. It also promotes your twitter account and allows people to follow you easily! See it in action on my sidebar.

3. Additional Twitter Goodness!

This section is separate because I haven’t tested it fully yet but the idea seems beneficial and already integrated on my blog.

Add Ability For Commenters To Specify Their Tweeter Account

It will accomplish 2 things – grow your commenter’s followers and as result – grow number of comments on your blog. We all love extra comments, don’t we? Well this might be a good chance to increase the number through the most popular social network – Twitter.

  • WP Tweetip ID – is a plugin I use for that and it is brought to us by Andy Bailey, same guy who brought us the Commentluv plugin among the few others. This plugin once integrated allows users to specify their twitter ID in comment form and it will be added to their posted comment with suggestion to follow the commenter. Great idea that according to Andy was inspired by @problogger post and kicked up the bum by @styletime

Only time will tell if this plugin worth the effort but I use it and you can test it by adding comment below! Get more followers by providing good comment!

4. Follow Me On Twitter

I know, I know this is shameless self promotion. But hey, this post is all about the twitter and seems appropriate. I share not only my personal stuff on twitter but mainly WordPress related tips, strategies and information you might find beneficial.

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