WordPress 3.1 was finally released and we have spent yesterday upgrading our network of blogs and testing, implementing the changes. For most people with a normal stand alone blogs it will be a simple automatic upgrade. In our tests – no issues or problems discovered, even though some plugins we have haven’t been upgraded officially to support 3.1 – they work.

As always – you want to do a backup of at least your database before taking the plunge but I don’t see any reason with delaying the step. Our Expert WordPress once click installer was upgraded to support latest version, so people who use our services get to enjoy latest and greatest!

WordPress 3.1 New Features To Be Aware Of

Most of the changes will be unnoticeable and invisible to you after upgrade. Perhaps most visible change is addition of Admin Bar that you will see on front end when logged in as blog admin. You can change display options in your User Profile settings, fairly self explanatory.

One change that I personally like is new linking options – now when you click link in your visual editor – you get to choose to interlink a word or phrase to your old existing content by simply searching through your existing posts:

linking WordPress 3.1

Allows you to highlight your old posts and also helps with SEO, quite nice.

WordPress 3.1 Multi-Site

This is where the biggest changes will be seen. If you are running a Multi-Site network – you want to test upgrade first, as 3.1 introduces some major changes to backend.

Super Admin dashboard menu is gone! Now Network Administration and all its options have moved to its own dashboard that you have to switch to:

network admin

In my opinion its quite nice, especially if you are only running network of blogs for yourself, but be sure to test the upgrade. In order to work with new menu – plugins used on your Multi Site have to change some hooks in order to be properly displayed in new dashboard.

If you have any plugins installed on your Multi-Site network that are not yet compatible with new options – you might want to wait with upgrade until they state 3.1 compatibility On good note – those who use WPMUDEV custom plugins can enjoy full compatibility with latest version.


If you have stand alone WordPress blog – go ahead and upgrade now to enjoy the faster loading blog due to multitude of improvements and new features.

Network blogs – test before you take the plunge!