There are a few things in this life we can count on and WordPress Upgrades and taxes are among the top few I personally don’t look forward to…

But jokes aside I think its great that Development team releases security patches and updates even though WordPress 2.7 is not far off from final release. Simply have to recognize those guys for their dedication to helping us keep our blogs secure. WordPress 2.6.5 while being a security update will not apply to everyone but to be on safe side – it is better to upgrade and in this post I want to discuss 2 methods I have personally tested: Automatic Upgrade and Incremental Upgrade (files provided)

WordPress Automatic Upgrade

While 2.7 should bring us the option to upgrade core directly from the blog itself as integrated option – right now is can be done only via Superb Plugin I have been using for quite a while and highly recommend to all who read this blog

Once again this plugin worked flawlessly and I managed to upgrade a few of my blogs using step-by-step process provided by the plugin. All customers of Web 2.0 Wealth and Expert WordPress products should have this plugin and it is safe to use!

Incremental Upgrade

WordPress 2.6.5 includes couple security fixes and a few bug fixes which I’m not going to discuss here as Peter Westwood done a superb job on it already. This update also doesn’t include database update so it Incremental Update is as simple as uploading appropriate files to your blog and replacing existing files with it.

See the full list of changed files and changes within here. You can also follow the links to each file and then download them in original format and then upload them to your host or..

You can grab package I created for myself and tested on my blogs. I already placed files into the directories they need to go on your host. So if you feel that you can trust me – download the incremental update files here and then upload them to your blog.