WordPress 2.6.3 upgrade was made available by development team a few hours ago and while it is rated as low risk, I wanted to be sure that you – my reader and my customer have the option to do it in the simplest possible way.

This upgrade is really simple and involves changes to just one file – class-snoopy.php and update to version.php file to reflect the upgrade. In this article I will show couple ways you can use to simplify the process and ensure secure blog.

Upgrade Using WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin

I have tested upgrade from 2.6.2 and 2.6.1 to the latest 2.6.3 version using this plugin and entire process was smooth and completely painless.

Highly recommended you install WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin and save yourself a lot of trouble! Just don’t forget to always create your own backup and don’t rely on built in function that comes with this plugin.

Always Backup First – Upgrade Second!

Manual Upgrade Using FTP

this is the most common form of upgrade and since this version only requires upload of 2 files – it is also very simple to do.

I have tested the process on about 4 of my blogs with no issues. And here is how:

  1. Download the 2 files that need to be updated on your blog. Dev blog provides direct links to those files.
  2. Use FTP client to connect to your host and navigate to /path/to/blog/wp-includes/ directory.
  3. Upload the 2 files: class-snoopy.php and version.php to wp-includes directory on your blog.
  4. Login to your blog and verify that upgrade is reflected by version on the bottom of your blog.

See reference image below:

wordpress 2.6.3 upgrade screenshot

Enjoy a safe and secure blog! That is all there is to the WordPress 2.6.3 Upgrade!