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WordPress 2.6 Creates Problem Under Disguise Of Feature

I don’t want to be the one beating the drums but I personally hate it when a feature introduced that I didn’t even need but what is even worse – feature that comes with an issue! I mean “hats off” to the developers but I think that before something integrated into the core it should be evaluated for the possible problems!

And in this specific post I want to talk about Post Revisions feature newly added to core with WordPress 2.6 and Why exactly I see it as issue!

See image below

post revision

This is the feature announced yesterday with WordPress 2.6.

Why Do I think It Is A Problem?

I work nearly 100% off the WordPress Editor interface and while I know that post is autosaved periodically – I also save changes frequently! Writing is not my strongest point and when I create a post I also do a research, get appropriate related info and do many other things. Sometimes a post can take me several hours of work in total and quite a few saves. Why do you care?

Simple – every time I save the post – it creates a new revision of the post. See image below that represents revisions of this post already:

post revisions

Nice huh? Now I will not loose the info! …but then again, I never lost it before!

WordPress is based on storing the information in database and if you ever wondered How These revisions Made Possible? – answer would be:

  • They Are All Stored In Database!

Every single post you write and save will now have not just one copy of itself in Database but however many saves you have made! Once again, see image below:

post revisions

And even that wouldn’t be a problem IF…

Developers implemented a way to clean up old revisions. An option somewhere to delete all the old and UNNEEDED post revisions!

After all – once I have published the post – I want my blog to perform! And creating a bloatware in database is not the best way to get there! I always had this gripe with WordPress – plugins and themes leave behind multitude of tables, options, settings and now we see that WordPress core decided to contribute to the issue of bloating database!

Common guys! It is common sense and perhaps an opportunity for a plugin writer to create something that would clean up the bloatware created by WordPress 2.6! I know that at least one plugin I use is hit hard by this “feature” – Organize Series and we can only hope that author is aware and working to address it, as plugin adds EACH Revision of Post as part of the series. Pretty annoying!

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30 Responses to “WordPress 2.6 Creates Problem Under Disguise Of Feature”

  1. vic says:

    do you really think extra entries in your database will slow wordpress? unless you make thousand sof posts, i fail to see where this is a big problem.

    • TheSpot-er says:


      The point here is that WordPress already suffers from all the stuff left behind by old plugins, themes, etc that don’t clean up on uninstall. Now we have another offender that adds to it.

      While it might now be a huge issue for most – as your blog grows and ages – it will, in my humble opinion become an issue.

      It is a design flaw that can become problem. Revisions fro published post have no reason to remain in database and we should have an option to get rid of them. I for one – Vote to give me an option.

      I have been through the process of cleaning up DB too many times to enjoy the process.


  2. Alex,
    Although I love the new post revision feature, I have to agree with your post. Writing is also not my strongest talent so I do save quite often, producing a lot of duplicated content in my database. I think a good feature that the WordPress crew could implement is to have a check box asking if this save is a minor revision or not (like more wikis do). If it is a minor revision then just save the darn thing and not make a copy of it. If it is a major revision then save a copy of it. Also like you said, it would be nice to be able to clean up these revisions manually (or automatically based on time).

  3. Joseph says:

    This is definitely going to be a big issue on my part. I’m also the kind of guy who is not really into writing and I can tell you I make probably quite a number of changes and savings before finally publishing one post.

    I think this is an opportunity for someone to come up with a plugin that will rectify this problem.

  4. TheSpot-er says:

    Man, you are life saver. Already implemented on my blog his solution!


  5. Geoserv says:

    Never thought of this issue, thanks for pointing it out and thanks for the fix.

    Geoservs last blog post..Show us your SezWho/Entrecard blog for 1000 Entrecard credits

  6. Lowell says:


    I agree totally. I like my installs to be lean and mean and that goes for the dbs as well. I also do most of my writing in the editor, blessed with a reliable ISP, and
    really don’t want to autosave constantly.

    All they need to do is a toggle for this (for me) unwanted feature.



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  7. My stance on this is that if things are running fine then don’t upgrade. I have yet to upgrade to 2.6 and still don’t know whether I will. I think I am done adding new plugins and stuff so things won’t be changing that much. Unless I see some new feature that I simply can’t resist I see no need to upgrade.

    While playing with 2.6 on my dev server I did come across the easter egg in post revisions 🙂

  8. Rocque says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Alex. Thanks for the solutions to this, too.
    I also post directly into Word Press and not as a text document before. I also take a long time to make posts and will go back in and make edits. It is great to know that I am not alone. I thought I was the slowest writer in the world. I used to enjoy posting in forums but time just flew away.

    I upgraded today and followed the steps on the video that you had for us Alex. It was a very easy upgrade on the blogs that were already 2.5. The one blog I had that was still 2.3 was a bit more time consuming because I upgraded it to 2.5 first after reading in your forum. Then I used the video steps to upgrading to 2.6.

    This is my first upgrade where I did not have to pester Alex for days.


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  9. paan says:

    Organize series author are aware of the issues.. But i really don’t know when the fix will come out.. I am using organize series on my blog and the workaround is to disable post revision as describe in lester chan’s blog

    • Rocque says:

      Do you think there is going to be a new update to Word Press then that will fix this issue?

      What if we do like someone mentioned and just keep using the 2.5 series?
      What are the other important features with this update that we need?

      I have only upgraded one blog while I wait for answers.


      • TheSpot-er says:


        To my best knowledge – 2.6 is NOT a security release but I do know there were quite a few fixes in 2.5.* branch that got “nixed” by dev team. If you din’t upgrade yet – you can wait, at least until you hear that new security issue is discovered with 2.5.

        Problem is WP Dev team completely dropped support for 2.3.* and 2.5.* branches of code.


      • paan says:

        I don’t think that the dev team is going to ‘fix’ the issues. Because frankly it is not really an issue.

        Sure, it’s annoying as hell but it really it’s just a feature that some people don’t like. Much like the decision to move the category selection in the write post page during the 2.3>2.5 transition.

        The most that they would do (and I really doubt that they will), is to create a easily accessible way to disable the post revision function and/or to provide an easy way to delete old post revisions.

        Which, if you follow lester chan’s guide, you can do right now.

        Sticking with 2.5 is an option.. but it’s just delaying the inevitable.. sooner or later you’ll have to upgrade anyways.. because sooner or later the’ll be a security hole that pops up that the dev team won’t spend time fixing in 2.5

        • Rocque says:

          Thanks to both of you, Alex and Paan, for your replies. I will simply upgrade then and install the plug in as you suggest.

          On another thought, I find it interesting that so many of us who left comments talk about how long it takes us to write posts. I keep a notebook with me for when I am stuck in traffic or waiting for a doctor appointment or have some spare time at work, and I try to write then.

          I am either reading, writing, or pounding the keyboard. I just hope the eyes and the fingers always hold up since they take som much abuse.

          Too bad we can not just upgrade them every 3 months. ^_^

  10. Patchlog says:

    I really don’t think post revisions are a real problem. the posts table is pretty well indexed so like another commenter said here unless you have thousands of posts it would not make any difference.

    I’m guessing the only problem with revisions would be a slower / bigger database backup but again that’s only true if you have a lot of posts.

  11. I did notice WordPress was whining about an autosaved post that was newer than a post I just published the other day. I was confused what its problem was since it never complained before.

    It let me compare the two posts, then told me both were identical but continued to ask me if I wanted to use the newer copy. I’ll probably just turn of the revision to prevent future annoyances.

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  3. Scott Allen says:

    Retweeting @graywolf: yay wordpress 2.6 creates database bloat and doesnt clean up after itself