I don’t want to be the one beating the drums but I personally hate it when a feature introduced that I didn’t even need but what is even worse – feature that comes with an issue! I mean “hats off” to the developers but I think that before something integrated into the core it should be evaluated for the possible problems!

And in this specific post I want to talk about Post Revisions feature newly added to core with WordPress 2.6 and Why exactly I see it as issue!

See image below

post revision

This is the feature announced yesterday with WordPress 2.6.

Why Do I think It Is A Problem?

I work nearly 100% off the WordPress Editor interface and while I know that post is autosaved periodically – I also save changes frequently! Writing is not my strongest point and when I create a post I also do a research, get appropriate related info and do many other things. Sometimes a post can take me several hours of work in total and quite a few saves. Why do you care?

Simple – every time I save the post – it creates a new revision of the post. See image below that represents revisions of this post already:

post revisions

Nice huh? Now I will not loose the info! …but then again, I never lost it before!

WordPress is based on storing the information in database and if you ever wondered How These revisions Made Possible? – answer would be:

  • They Are All Stored In Database!

Every single post you write and save will now have not just one copy of itself in Database but however many saves you have made! Once again, see image below:

post revisions

And even that wouldn’t be a problem IF…

Developers implemented a way to clean up old revisions. An option somewhere to delete all the old and UNNEEDED post revisions!

After all – once I have published the post – I want my blog to perform! And creating a bloatware in database is not the best way to get there! I always had this gripe with WordPress – plugins and themes leave behind multitude of tables, options, settings and now we see that WordPress core decided to contribute to the issue of bloating database!

Common guys! It is common sense and perhaps an opportunity for a plugin writer to create something that would clean up the bloatware created by WordPress 2.6! I know that at least one plugin I use is hit hard by this “feature” – Organize Series and we can only hope that author is aware and working to address it, as plugin adds EACH Revision of Post as part of the series. Pretty annoying!